11,55 m / 37,89 ft
3,62 m / 11,88 ft
1,80 m / 5,91 ft
8,10 tonne
245 liters
Fresh water
400 liters

Malo 37 is a yacht that looks quite different from most European sailing ships. This is a typical Nordic cruiser with a developed superstructure, large wide and well protected cockpit. The large width of the boat means good stability and the ability to carry a developed sail, the boat becomes much larger. Important were the requirements for high manoeuvrability of the ship (Scandinavian buyers are often faced with the challenge of maneuvering on the narrow fairways of the local archipelagos) and ease of control. Unusual is that the Malo 37 can be produced in three different body, different shape of the rear end: it may have classic transom, modern transom with a reverse overhang and transom with integrated swim platform.

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Malö 37
United Kingdom
  • 2007
  • Length 11.55 m
  • Beam 3.62 m
  • Draft 1.80 m
$ 277 400
01:38 15.08.2019
Malö 37
  • 2008
  • Length 11.55 m
  • Beam 3.62 m
  • Draft 1.80 m
$ 270 994
10:17 30.04.2020
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