6,25 m / 20,51 ft
2,48 m / 8,14 ft
1,25 m / 4,10 ft
1,25 tonne

Maxus 21 is the smallest boat in the line of Northman. Its dimensions make it easy to transport the boat behind the car on the trailer. It is a small daycruiser with four beds. Despite its modest size, the boat, however, fairly well equipped: it has not only a small galley with a sink, but even an isolated toilet, which can be installed a chemical toilet. The yacht can be equipped with one of several versions of keel: fixed and lifting, rotating, or dual (for standing on the ground at low tide). For the convenience of walking on the rivers and canals of the boat mast can be lowered and raised by the crew for a few minutes. High power and excellent handling make the behavior of the boats on the water, very sporty and gambling, so that management delivers experienced yachtsman great fun.

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