7,60 m / 24,93 ft
2,55 m / 8,37 ft
1,45 m / 4,76 ft
1,65 tonne

Maxus 24 is the second oldest model of the shipyard Northman: she followed soon after the first company — Maxus 33. This boat of the dimensions still fit within the acceptable limits autogaleria and can be transported on a trailer behind a car. When you create a boat, its designers tried to find the best compromise between propulsion, seaworthiness and habitability. Inside the yacht is unusually spacious and comfortable for 24-tucovica: there are a total of six (including saloon) berths, well equipped galley and a latrine. The hull lines feature modern lines with a wide stern. Open cockpit can be closed with a removable poop jar, and the coamings of the cockpit is very comfortable for sitting on otkryvanii. Its movement rate 24-ka is one of the best boats of the shipyard and are able to leave behind even larger vessels.

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