9,95 m / 32,64 ft
3,20 m / 10,50 ft
1,70 m / 5,58 ft
4,20 tonne

Maxus 33 — this is the first model of the shipyard Northman. From the outset, the boat was very well accepted by the market, having won the exhibition in Warsaw gold medal. Like other models of the shipyard, Maxus 33 can have a different keel options complex. However, the variability of solutions applied in the 33rd, not only limited to the keel. The boat can be equipped with a fixed motor with drive type Saildrive or conventional shafting, as well as an outboard motor in the well. The steering device also may be either cockpit or steering type with elegant steering column. Despite its relatively modest size, the yacht can be fitted with a nasal podrujkoi. The running of the yacht, though not striking something unique, still quite decent for its size, having a pronounced sporting character typical of my younger sisters, a yacht's behavior is more than adequate for a family crew.

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