8,52 m / 27,95 ft
3,00 m / 9,84 ft
1,15 m / 3,77 ft
0,00 tonne
Max speed
37,00 kn
320 liters
Fresh water
40 liters

Patrolling, rescue operations, throws to the country that on long island, and just fishing all the forces of the boat Paragon 25. And in any weather! Seaworthiness and reliability were the main goals in its design. Spacious deck with secure railing allows you to use the boat for all purposes, closed cabin with three outputs — to ruthlessly exploit it at any time of the year, and a powerful polyurethane prevalent — forget about kranzach. Look at the contours of the Paragon 25. This case is just designed to at speed to overcome a very steep wave. And if the sea raged quite is not a joke, it is better to take refuge in the nearest Cove and spend the night there. The benefit of all of the conditions on Board are. Small galley unit located in the front of the wheelhouse on the port side, it is easy to cook dinner, and lowering it from the ceiling of the pillers table, chatting about navigation, wind it around a fork of spaghetti nautically. In the cabin, under one of the beds hides a sea toilet, so no need to hit the beach.

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