8,00 m / 26,25 ft
2,60 m / 8,53 ft
0,90 m / 2,95 ft
280 liters
Fresh water
45 liters

The planing boat Regal 26 Fasdeck with a length of 8.00 m and a width of 2.60 m was first introduced by the American shipyard in 2017. The bow-rider body with an expanded nose is made of fiberglass, the manufacturer uses FasTrac technology, due to which the fuel consumption is most efficient compared to similar models.

The salon is designed for up to 12 passengers at a time. In the bow there is a relaxation area with UltraLounge loungers. The boat is equipped with a bathing platform with a stainless steel gangway, a towing frame, which allows you to use 26 Fasdeck as a towing vehicle for water sports or fishing.

The cockpit is equipped with transformation mechanisms, the use of which allows you to convert chairs into sofas, lounge chairs, open a folding table and hide things, equipment in deep lockers. There is one bathroom on board.

A chair with a folding bolster, navigation and control systems, a double wide steering wheel with a handmade braid, anti-fog devices Faria make steering the boat as convenient as possible. The Regal 26 Fasdeck has a Bimini awning with stainless steel racks.

The deep location of the stationary engine allows you to drown out the noise for a comfortable stay on board. The shipyard offers a choice of five powertrain options Volvo V8 EVC or Merc 6.2 DTS with power from 300 to 350 hp Kilevost on the transom is 21 degrees, fuel capacity - 280 liters.

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