2,59 m / 8,50 ft
1,50 tonne
189 liters

The Rinker Q3 OB is a fiberglass cruise boat for 12 passengers. The vessel has a width of 2.59 m, which allows you to freely transport it on public roads on a trailer. The manufacturer of this bow-rider with a towing system for wakesurf or wakeboarding offers the customer a choice of interior options and optional equipment.

In the bow of the deck is a relaxation area with two deck chairs, chairs. A passage through the middle glazing of the caddy cabin with a hardtop leads to them. The control post is formed by a dashboard with a sports steering wheel and a movable steering seat. A portable bathroom is located right behind the control post.

On the left side of the boat there is a transformer passenger seat with a folding back, which, if desired, extends the sofa next to it. On the starboard side there is also a sofa. The transformation system allows you to form two full beds from them or use this recreation area as a soft sunbed. Sofas and armchairs are equipped with compartments for storing equipment and personal belongings of passengers.

The manufacturer recommends equipping the Rinker Q3 OB with one of the engines from Mercury, Suzuki or Yamaha at the customer's option. The power range of power plants ranges from 200 to 250 hp. The fuel reserve of 189 liters implies the operation of this vessel on rivers, in the waters of lakes and reservoirs, within the coastal sea line.

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