17,40 m / 57,09 ft
3,90 m / 12,80 ft
2,30 m / 7,55 ft
12,40 tonne

Model Spirit 57DH (DH — deckhouse) continued the tradition established model Spirit 50DH, the upper deck which was decorated with the add-on classic shapes. In fact, 57-I is increased proportionally 50-I model that retains all of its features. She added freeboard and increased domestic fellings, but retained the classic appearance, which (all for the sake of high performance) combined with a by carbon fiber mast and good things in stainless steel. The interior space can be decorated with wood in the style selected by the customer, in this case there are two grades of wood: expensive variety of mahogany or cherry. The yacht is equipped with an internal hardware specifications, individually agreed with each customer.

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