38,62 m / 126,71 ft
7,42 m / 24,34 ft
2,66 m / 8,73 ft
177,00 tonne
Cruising speed
20,00 kn
Max speed
27,00 kn
27 800 liters
Fresh water
5 228 liters

The largest model from the Predator, this boat creates a new style. Beautiful owner's cabin: it and main cabin have a balcony – the part of the body in these places folds, forming a covered terrace. This configuration does not carry any negative consequences in the case of the model 130’. On the contrary, it allows to use a large space on top, in front of the cockpit, and the place where the open terrace for sunbathing and relaxation area. Predator 130’ is the flagship vehicle from the motor yacht manufacturer Sunseeker and this call idleness with its big external spaces for recreation. They are located at the beginning of the ship, immediately after paragraph control, and their area is incredibly large for a 40-metre boat. Sunseeker have also followed the latest trends and placed a small terrace over the sea. The model Predator 130’ are two of them. Nominated for the World Yachts Trophies 2010 in the category "Design", winner in the category "Innovation" (flybridge over 24 metres)

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