26,48 m / 86,88 ft
6,34 m / 20,80 ft
2,12 m / 6,96 ft
64,70 tonne
Cruising speed
35,00 kn
Max speed
44,00 kn
7 500 liters
Fresh water
1 200 liters

Bright, aggressive Sunseeker Predator 84 is available in two variants — "regular" shaft drive or with partially submerged propellers Arneson. According to the shipyard, in the first case, the Predator 84 will accelerate to 35 knots, the second maximum speed is 42 knots. Both are impressive when you consider that the weight of the boat is nearly 60 tons. The use of partially submerged propellers eliminates the problem of cavitation, which becomes relevant for fully submerged propellers at speeds over 40 knots — the screw starts to corrode and easily destroyed. However, the Arneson drive has other advantages — other things being equal, reduced draft, reduced vibration, and control of the boat becomes more efficient. How do you think the shipyards of Sunseeker, Predator 84 is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for those who want to save on operating costs — at the speed of 30 knots this beast consumes 22 liters of diesel fuel per mile. Predatory image does not interfere with Predator 84 to remain cozy sea housing — interior of boats exquisite, yet concise, the sports flybridge is large enough, and the garage is placed not only high-speed tender, but other water toy at any time ready to launch.

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