11,28 m / 37,01 ft
3,86 m / 12,66 ft
1,52 m / 4,99 ft
7,30 tonne
143 liters
Fresh water
302 liters

Number 37-PhotoView Tartan in the history of the firm were very extensive: the current model Tartan 3700 — already the sixth generation in this series. When designing the boats, the creators particularly bothered by the fact that her appearance immediately drew my attention: in the end, the boat can like or dislike, but to ignore it is impossible. The boat is very wide (3.80 m), which gives greater stability and increased capacity of this family cruiser. Original way solved the interior of a yacht: it is widely used oblique bulkheads to the Central compartment, standing at an angle to the BP and is isolated on one side of the galley, and in another — chart table. Such planning decisions, enabling more efficient use of internal volume, gradually begins to find more and more wide application. Another outstanding feature of the yacht is its broad type boom Pocket Boom for the first time primereniya on the Tartan 3400. It allows you to remove grotto as easily as if the latter were to spin in the mast or boom, at the same time, the grotto could have a normal profile and a full end-to-end armor.

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