14,70 m / 48,23 ft
4,50 m / 14,76 ft
1,25 m / 4,10 ft
11,84 tonne
1 800 liters
Fresh water
240 liters

The main feature of this fabulously expensive toy for "big boys" is an add-on of large blocks tinted Windows, whose broken lines resemble the outline of a fighter jet stealth F117. The Wally 47 is created for the short but effective "sorties" in the warm sea at maximum speed just under 40 knots. Unlike the tender, the Wally One, this open motor yacht is more suitable for short cruises, as the two cabins on Board can accommodate three people. Despite causing the appearance of the Wally 47 is quite practical boat: massive mooring beam allows you to quickly drop off passengers without the use of fenders, and the specific geometry of the deck as racing sailboats, along with a waterproof engine compartment allows, without consequences to meet a high wave. Decoration for the dashboard of the ship stands a spectacular joystick for maneuvering at low speeds.

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