30,48 m / 100,00 ft
7,20 m / 23,62 ft
4,40 m / 14,44 ft
49,95 tonne

Want to race in the most prestigious regattas and travel under sail with special luxury and style of high-tech? Then pay attention to a sailing yacht Wally Cento model, representing the latest stage of evolution in sailing yachts. Strictly speaking, yacht Wally Cento is a class of high-speed 100-foot Maxi yachts, which appeared due to demand from experienced professional sailors. Yachts of this class are built on nazyvaemoe "rule box" (box rule). The hull and mast of the yacht Wally Cento are made of lightweight but durable carbon fiber composite. The hull lines are such that on passing the courses of these yachts is capable glissirovat, and their speed can exceed 25 knots. At the same time, in the cruise mode of sailing yacht Wally Cento is easy to operate and does not require a large team. The interiors are made of the lightest materials and designs, allowing you to provide guests with the highest level of comfort without any negative impact on the dynamic qualities of the boat. The design of the Wally Cento yacht designed by naval architects Reichel Pugh yacht has a displacement of 50 tons, lifting keel (draught is 4.4 — 6.2 m), a grotto with a rectangular top and a minimally protruding above deck superstructure.

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