6,99 m / 22,93 ft
3,21 m / 10,53 ft
0,65 m / 2,13 ft
1,49 tonne
Cruising speed
29,00 kn
Max speed
45,00 kn
300 liters
Fresh water
43 liters
Sea class
B. Sea craft

Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin - a pleasure boat, manufactured since 2013. It has a fiberglass body with inflatable balloons, whose length is 6.99 meters and a width of 3.21 meters. The vessel is equipped with seats for twelve people and has a carrying capacity of 1,489 kilograms. International certification CE (B) allows you to operate it at sea at a distance of two hundred miles from the coast.

The bow of the vessel is equipped with two sunbeds for tanning, in which spacious lockers are mounted, and metal railings. You can enter it through the aisles on both sides, on which additional fastenings are installed for the safety of passengers.

On the cockpit of the Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin there is a captain's post equipped with an electronic control system, an adjustable steering wheel and a box. Opposite it is a double sofa, which transforms into a galley with a sink and an electronic oven. To the left of the control panel is the entrance to the cabin. It is equipped with a corner sofa for several people, transforming into a double bed. In a separate room on the starboard side is a bathroom.

At the stern of the boat are two corner sofas with spacious lockers, between which a removable table is attached. On the left side there is a passage to the platform with a ladder for access to water, and behind one of the sofas there is a towing mount.

An outboard engine with a capacity of 200, 250, 300 hp is installed on the vessel. Its cruising speed is 29 knots, the maximum is 45 knots. The fuel tank holds 300 liters, the tank for fresh water - 43 liters.

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  • Length 6.99 m
  • Beam 3.21 m
  • Draft 0.65 m
$ 101 707
17:32 01.05.2019
  • 2014
  • Length 6.99 m
  • Beam 3.21 m
  • Draft 0.65 m
$ 52 434
10:05 15.06.2021
Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin
Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 2019
  • Length 6.99 m
  • Beam 3.21 m
  • Draft 0.65 m
$ 113 335
22:40 06.08.2020
Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin
Porto-Vecchio, France
  • 2012
  • Length 6.99 m
  • Beam 3.21 m
  • Draft 0.65 m
$ 516
per day
03:41 22.02.2020

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