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Denmark is a maritime power with a long history of navigation, with access to the Baltic and North Seas. In this island country of Northern Europe, the yachting infrastructure is well developed and you can always find offers for renting and buying / selling yachts.

Don't miss it in Denmark:
  • 2006
  • Length 9.47 m
$ 63 733
23:34 06.08.2020
  • 2008
  • Length 9.95 m
$ 94 596
23:23 06.08.2020
Storø 34
  • 1970
  • Length 10.35 m
$ 71 225
23:23 06.08.2020
  • 2015
  • Length 13.50 m
  • Beam 4.35 m
  • Draft 1.95 m
$ 145 000
09:46 03.08.2020
  • 2008
  • Length 13.50 m
  • Beam 3.90 m
  • Draft 1.20 m
$ 402 199
09:39 03.08.2020
Dehler 34 Top
Fredericia, Denmark
  • 1989
  • Length 10.60 m
$ 35 772
09:36 03.08.2020
  • 2005
  • Length 17.60 m
$ 794 127
22:01 30.07.2020
  • 1994
  • Length 8.54 m
$ 46 105
22:00 30.07.2020
  • 2003
  • Length 13.90 m
  • Beam 4.18 m
  • Draft 1.80 m
$ 333 867
22:00 30.07.2020
Princess V48
Aarhus, Denmark
  • 2005
  • Length 15.49 m
  • Beam 4.11 m
  • Draft 1.14 m
$ 310 019
17:49 29.07.2020
  • 1999
  • Length 12.41 m
  • Beam 4.10 m
  • Draft 1.10 m
$ 107 576
05:14 28.07.2020
  • 2007
  • Length 8.60 m
$ 83 654
07:15 27.07.2020
Dynamic 35
  • 1989
  • Length 10.68 m
$ 31 003
08:10 25.07.2020
  • 2003
  • Length 12.83 m
$ 110 495
08:10 25.07.2020
  • 1994
  • Length 8.85 m
$ 41 421
08:09 25.07.2020
  • 2000
  • Length 11.95 m
$ 143 418
08:09 25.07.2020
  • 1997
  • Length 11.35 m
$ 78 698
07:31 25.07.2020
Saga 315
  • 2008
  • Length 9.43 m
  • Beam 3.25 m
$ 134 462
07:30 25.07.2020
  • 2005
  • Length 10.21 m
  • Beam 3.20 m
  • Draft 1.04 m
$ 95 607
07:30 25.07.2020
  • 2005
  • Length 12.55 m
  • Beam 3.71 m
$ 222 960
10:39 22.07.2020

Buying a yacht in Denmark

Shipbuilding has long been the main source of income for the Danes, but even today, local production can provide yachtsmen with offers. You can buy a yacht in Denmark using the capabilities of 2yachts for the purpose of using the vessel for tourist purposes, for organizing transportation of goods or traveling, celebrating memorable dates on board, leasing, etc.

Most of Denmark’s yacht market is occupied by offers for the sale of steel hull yachts - such vessels are most reliable in the harsh conditions of the northern seas. Fiberglass yachts are less common - such vessels are mainly used for cruising along the Baltic coast. Wooden yachts are in demand, but can cost significantly more than steel or fiberglass. If you are interested in buying a yacht in Denmark , it is better to use the offers in our catalog - here you will find the most relevant and beneficial options. You can also try to independently come to Denmark at one of the yacht festivals in order to choose from a demonstrated vessel to your taste and afford.

The yachting season in Denmark is short (after all, it is the northern seas) and with its arrival local owners spend a lot of time at sea. However, the weather conditions in this country are sometimes so severe that local authorities forbid sailors to go to sea from November to April, obliging them to hand over the yachts for winter storage to warm hangars. In summer, local yachtsmen and travelers from all over the world try to use the navigation season as fully as possible in order to “ride around”. You can choose a yacht for purchase in Denmark on our website to make a deal accompanied by an experienced yacht broker, which guarantees transparency of all operations and a positive result.

In Denmark, as in all of Scandinavia, sailing is very popular, and many Danes prefer sitting on a TV and relaxing with a bottle of beer after a working day on a yacht. From time immemorial, yachting has been an integral part of the life of Danes, and there are really many yachts in Denmark - according to statistics, for every 15 inhabitants of the country there is one ship, which is one of the highest rates in the world. Absolutely the majority of sailors in Denmark are members of one of their yacht clubs and sacredly honor the traditions of yachting. Examine our offers for the sale of yachts in Denmark to choose a vessel to your taste, and we guarantee you consulting and legal support at all stages of the transaction.

In Danish waters you can sail on a yacht everywhere, strolling from the fjord to the fjord, from island to island. Denmark's landscapes are beautiful and worthy of the brush of a famous artist, and there are also many quiet places for summer navigation. Strolling on a yacht in the Danish sea waters, you can easily come across German or Swedish yachtsmen who come here to buy local beer. When looking for yachts for sale in Denmark , consider the lack of yacht parking facilities at local ports and marinas. At the same time, the ports and marinas of Denmark are so small that only an experienced yachtsman can maneuver in them, otherwise one cannot avoid a collision with undesirable consequences in the form of compensation for the cost of restoring the hull, etc.

Cost of a yacht in Denmark

In Denmark, both the elderly and the youngest go to sea. There are yachts of various sizes, types, shapes, equipment. There are many Swedish-made ships on the market - very reliable and designed for sudden storms in the Baltic. Local yachtsmen are friendly and, in any case, try to help each other. Find out the cost of a yacht in Denmark and plan for upcoming costs by prudently including insurance, ship registration, maintenance, repairs, parking costs, etc. in the budget. Help at all stages of the selection and acquisition of a vessel can a 2yachts yacht broker.

When viewing offers, you will be faced with the need to expand the price range in question. If you are in the near future expenses (for example, buying a new car or carrying out repairs in the house), it may be worth moving the purchase of the yacht to next year or consider more budget options. In any case, you should not spend all the money from the budget, because you also have unforeseen expenses. When choosing a yacht for sale , keep in mind that in the event of a ship breakdown it will be much better to go to sea the next day on a more budgetary yacht than to earn money ashore to repair a more expensive, prestigious vessel.

We can also buy your yacht at a bargain price, find a suitable successor buyer to own your ship. When selling a yacht, you should analyze similar offers in the yacht market in order to understand how much you can sell a boat for. In addition to the condition of the ship's hull and its components, deck trim, cabin equipment, engine model, the presence of heating, special equipment and other factors will affect its value.

Having no idea about the cost of installing additional equipment, the buyer cannot adequately assess the cost of the yacht . If you do not navigate the yacht market, we recommend that you use the help of our yacht broker. Follow the advice of a professional to make a profitable transaction on the purchase or sale of a yacht in a true maritime power - Denmark.