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The city of Corfu (Kerkyra) is located in the east of the island of the same name, famous for its picturesque beaches, secluded rocky bays, green forests and a rich historical heritage. Corfu is an ancient port city on the coast of the Ionian Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a center of culture and arts, music and literature of the region for many centuries.

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In Corfu, tourists can study history by visiting ancient fortresses, Byzantine churches and monasteries. Strolling along the coast on a yacht, you can get acquainted with the culture of the island, visit the olive groves, and enjoy a vacation on the magnificent beaches of the island. If you want to buy a yacht in Corfu, contact the specialists of “2yachts” - in this case, you are guaranteed an individual approach and qualified advice at all stages of the acquisition of the vessel.

Corfu Attractions

The most popular attractions in the city include:

  • Europe's largest square Spinada, located near the old Venetian fortress;
  • Church of St. George;
  • Corfu Cathedral in honor of St. Spyridon of Trimyphuntus of the 16th century;
  • Museum of Asian Art;
  • Byzantine Museum;
  • Archaeological Museum;
  • Fortress Angelokastro;
  • Corfu Gallery;
  • Banknote Museum;
  • Cathedral of St. Spyridon and others

You can also not ignore the secluded cafes and gardens behind the palace (in the place where the Asian Museum of Art and the Gallery of Modern Art are located), the British Cemetery and the picturesque resort of Paleokastritsa, 26 km from Corfu.

Yachting in Corfu

Near the island, the water is clean and clear, there are all conditions for diving, there are professional diving centers. At 12 km from Kerkyra in the village of Benitses there is a small marina with 100 parking spaces for ships up to 30 m long. Also on the island is a large, well-equipped and organized marina of Gouvia with 960 parking spaces northwest of Kerkyra, only 7 km from the international airport Corfu If you are interested in selling yachts in Corfu, you can always contact reliable yacht brokers in the region. Examples of responsible brokers in Greece are: NETWORK YACHT BROKERS CORFU (Corfu), GOYACHTING (Piraeus) and KIRIACOULIS MEDITERRANEAN (Athens).