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Gosport is a city in the county of Hampshire in the south of Great Britain, a significant port, traditionally the base of the British submarine fleet and the place of construction of many ships for the fleet, as well as the birthplace of actor Richard Dawson.

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Attractions Gosport

Among the recommended first of all to visiting the sights of Gosport are:

  • Museum of the Submarine Fleet - Royal Navy Submarine Museum;
  • National Museum of the Navy - National Museum of the Royal Navy;
  • Little Woodham Museum;
  • Castle Portchester Castle;
  • Interactive Museum "Explosion!" (Explosion!);
  • Fort Brockhurst;
  • History Museum Westbury Manor Museum;
  • The historic center of neighboring Portsmouth is Old Portsmouth;
  • Diving Museum - Gosport Diving Museum;
  • Little Woodham Living History Village is a great place to stroll;
  • Gosport Ferry Ferry;
  • Royal Armouries Museum - Fort Nelson;
  • Gunwharf Quays Shopping Center;
  • Historic Abbey - Titchfield Abbey;
  • An interesting design tower - Spinnaker Tower;
  • Shipwrights Way Park;
  • Italian-style palace - Osborne House;
  • Ship HMS Victory;
  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Museum;
  • Museum of ship affairs - The Mary Rose Museum;
  • Portsmouth Cathedral - the main cathedral of Portsmouth;
  • The ancient Royal Garrison Church in Portsmouth;
  • Portsmouth Church - St Mary's Church, etc.

Yachting at Gosport

You can moor at the marina of the Gosport Cruising club yacht club with berths for ships up to 30 feet long, in the deep sea marina of Royal Clarence Marina with 170 berths for ships up to 60 feet long and with a draft of up to 4 m, to the marina of Portchester Sailing Club Sailing Club, in the Trafalgar Graup marina with 40 berths for vessels up to 18 m long and with a draft up to 1.5 m or in a marina on the shore of Lake Paulsgrove - Premier Port Solent Marina & Boatyard with berths for ships up to 28 m long or on the east side of Portsmouth Harbor Sports Club F ountain Lake Angling Club. If you need to know more about selling yachts in Gosport, you can always contact one of the trusted yacht brokers in the region, for example, GRABAU INTERNATIONAL (Leamington), SEA VENTURES (Southampton), WHY BOATS (Southampton), APPROVED BOATS (Southampton) or NETWORK YACHT BROKERS CHICHESTER (Chichester).