10 most beautiful coves of Spain in the Mediterranean
Denis Korablev
  • 23.03.2020
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10 most beautiful coves of Spain in the Mediterranean

In the summer, all the beaches on the coast of the most visited resort areas are so busy that there is literally nowhere for an apple to fall. However, one should not forget that on any coast there are many wonderful places, hidden from human eyes, filled with silence, sun and solitude. In this article, we will take a look at ten of the most delightful coves in Spain on the Mediterranean coast, where you can spend the most unforgettable moments of life.


This cove on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Brava near the town of Palamos in the ancient province of Girona, a place of calm and tranquility with pristine scenic landscapes, clear water and rich underwater life. The narrow (about 100 m wide) intricate cove has a magnificent white sand beach and is divided into two parts by the most beautiful mountain ledge la Roja. It is a wonderful place to be easily reached if yacht charter in Spain and enjoy a secluded beach pastime and diving.


Fonda Bay (also called Waikiki) on the Costa Dorada is located not far from Tarragona - the largest seaport and the oldest city in the country with more than two thousand years of history. The bay is hidden from prying eyes by a coniferous forest, and for this reason it is unlikely that it will be found by chance by those who are not aware in advance that it exists. On the coast of the bay there is a virgin and wild beach in a conservation area and can only be reached on foot or by bike. If you are planning to sail on a yacht around Tarragona, Fonda Bay is a great place to relax surrounded by unearthly beauty and enchanting surroundings.


Gasparet Cove on the Costa Blanca, with sea access, is a stunning diving and fishing destination. The bay is located in the resort town of Calpe, with a total length of 11 kilometers of beaches. Gasparet Bay is one of the most picturesque and charming places on the coast, yet little known and far from the noisy multilingual crowd. This place, surrounded by fabulous natural landscapes, is ideal for a secluded beach holiday in an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility, as well as active recreation.


Mundina Bay on the Valencian coast in the town of Alcoseber is one of the best places for a summer vacation in Spain, where you can have a wonderful time. You can get to Mundina either by boat or by swimming; only hikers who will appreciate the beautiful hills surrounding the bay, as well as the local lighthouse will be able to reach the bay on foot. Also in the vicinity of Alkoseber there are natural sources of fresh water flowing directly from the sand.

El Mago

El Mago Bay is located in Mallorca - the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, ideally adapted for swimming, diving, windsurfing, climbing and enjoying the natural beauty. The water in El Mago is with an azure tint and the white sand patches are officially considered a nudist beach. Nearby is the Portals Wels beach with a cave where stones were mined for the construction of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca.

Torrent de Pareis

The Torrent de Pareis bay in Mallorca has incredibly rich and picturesque views, and you want to visit it after a quick look at the photos of this place. The beach of the bay is located in a secluded spot between two steep cliffs, and the water here is crystal clear. The narrow bay (only about 50 meters wide) is popular with divers, because you can watch the marine life here right from the shore. The beginning of the bay is marked by cafes and restaurants, and a promenade leads from the parking lot to the coast, from where you can observe magnificent views of the sea. There is no doubt that a visit to Torrent de Pareis will remain in your memory one of the most amazing memories of a lifetime!


Pilar Bay is located on the Balearic island of Menorca - one of the most fashionable resorts in Spain, much less crowded than Mallorca. Rest here will be remembered as a calm and respectable pastime, although there are many nightclubs, discos and other nightlife establishments on the coast. The wonderful wild beach of the bay attracts with its azure waters, golden-red sand and beautiful underwater landscapes. The underwater world of Pilar Bay is very diverse - among its representatives there are both parrot fish and striped angel fish, more than 900 species of fish in total. There is a cave nearby, where you can hide from the scorching Mediterranean sun. Today fishing is prohibited here, but it is known that the bay was a favorite fishing spot for the American writer Ernest Hemingway. For the ultimate diving and snorkeling experience, this is the place to be, so don't forget to take your fins, snorkel and mask with you.


Galdana Bay is also located in Menorca - a paradise for the majority of those who have been here, rich in its natural treasures. Surrounded by lush cliffs, the beach is well equipped and suitable for a productive family vacation. White sand, clean air and azure sea will make your holiday in this heavenly corner of Spain truly unforgettable!


Frailesillo Bay is located on the Costa del Sol (Spanish: "Sunny Beach"), which attracts tourists and yachtsmen from all over the world with its mild subtropical climate and numerous virgin beaches. A secluded cove near the town of Conil de la Frontera can surprise a visitor with golden sand, picturesque wild rocks and rocky clusters. This is an ideal place to rent a yacht and go there for a private holiday with a close family or friends.


The Grandella Bay on the Costa Blanca is a charming holiday destination that invites you to a measured, relaxing holiday. Here you will find clear turquoise water, soft white sand, and picturesque nature of unique beauty. You can get to the bay on foot, since the Spanish government is fighting a massive influx of tourists to this area and restricting transport access to the bay - we are sure that the walk to Grandella Bay will appeal to lovers of picturesque natural views.

Spain's gorgeous bays will be suitable objects for your discoveries on yacht travel - rich colors, good weather and a variety of natural landscapes will make you want to come back here more than once.