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Sailing racing yacht team composition and organization

The principle of building any team says: "The interests of the team are always higher than the interests of any individual person." Following this principle, the team exists, grows and wins. If one of the team members puts their interests above the team's interests, then the team is no longer there, you can disperse in different directions.

How to take part in a regatta for a beginner yachtsman and what you need to know

Often, novice yachtsmen glance enviously towards experienced athletes taking part in regattas, and do not even consider the possibility of their own participation in such events. There is nothing for a beginner to do there, because there is so much to know and be able to do! Yes, to participate in regattas at a professional level, you need not only serious skills and excellent preparation, but also a lot of money. But amateur regattas are available to everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of RIB boats

RIB boats are considered fast and economical sailing facilities. In Russia, they have recently become quite popular. Perfect for water and tourist recreation, as well as for fishing or yacht tender. The RIB boat is combined: it seems to be inflatable, but has a rigid hull.

What you need to know about sailing a yacht

Managing the sails means knowing exactly when and which sail to set; it is equally important to remove them in time and, most importantly, to fold them correctly. Preparatory work for setting the sails should begin with delivering them to their destinations and releasing them from the bags. The yacht must stand with its bow against the wind, in this regard, the first thing to do is to anchor it.

Purpose and features of the AIS system

Recently, there has been a constant increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, the same is happening in the sea. The annual replenishment of the world civilian fleet is 3,000 ships, the displacement of which is over 100 tons. And how fast the small fleet is growing, statistics are silent.

The choice and features of the operation of the tender for the yacht

The tender perfectly complements any yacht, providing a comfortable mooring when disembarking. With it, you can explore shallow bays and bays, it is convenient to deliver guests from the shore and back, entertain children (and not only), in addition, in extreme situations it is simply irreplaceable.

How to determine the strength of the wind

The wind "feeds" sailboats during movement, therefore any yachtsman is interested in the direction of the wind, its speed. Many people think about the question even before leaving the marina: "Will the wind change?"

Marine Hydraulics Service Highlights

The hydraulics of a sailboat have been compared to a workhorse because they do so much on board and do not require much attention. The hydraulic winch paired with the hydraulic thruster operates from dusk to dawn and does not overheat.

Using wind turbines on a yacht

The gasoline (diesel) engines found on many boats allow the use of generators to charge batteries. Sailing ships do not have an engine, so alternative sources of electricity are required.

Features of earning on renting your yacht

In Russia, a yacht is associated with successful and rich people, it is perceived as something more than an expensive toy. In England, the proverb is widespread: "A yacht is a hole in the water, surrounded by a tree, where money should be thrown." Partly true, but that doesn't stop anyone; it is known that the British acquire almost 50% of all yachts in Europe.

Features of yachting ethics

Dreamily pronouncing the words "yacht" and "sea" you imagine an endless space; captures the feeling of freedom and anticipation of the discovery of a new world, unforgettable impressions. Many have only to dream about it!

5 best yachting weather apps

Yachtsmen, when deciding whether to go to sea today or not, are guided primarily by the weather. How can I find out the weather forecast if the voyage has been going on for several days? Weather forecast applications help out in such cases.

We set up the water supply and sewerage of the yacht

Surprisingly, small boats require regular water supply, although there is plenty of water overboard. Lack of water on a yacht can spoil the mood for a long time, and a good rest will not work.

What can kill a boat motor

Did you carefully read the operating instructions when you purchased the outboard motor? Few boat owners will answer in the affirmative, most just skimmed through the illustrations. The engine, although iron, also requires care.

What is a spinnaker and how to operate it

Sailing regattas always attract a lot of spectators. The sails are inflated with a favorable wind, and the ship runs across the sea towards adventure. The huge sail, named with the romantic English word "spinnaker", adorns cruising and racing yachts.

5 main nautical nodes

Marine knots are considered the most reliable. For a long time, first fishermen and then sailors learned to skillfully handle ropes. These skills have been passed down from generation to generation, and they are still relevant today. Training at a sailing school begins with the study of nautical knots, since everyone who wants to conquer the sea space on small ships is obliged to master the skill of their implementation.

If there is a storm - how to prepare a yacht

In the autumn-spring period, storms quite often, and in summer, strong winds are not uncommon, so the issue of ensuring the protection of the yacht is always relevant. A small sailboat can weather a storm much better than a large motorboat. To a greater extent, it depends on the experience and cohesion of the crew, the technical condition of the yacht, and careful preparation.

Yacht fire - what to do and how to minimize damage

A fire on a sailing ship is extremely dangerous, as the fire spreads instantly and can destroy the yacht in just 5 minutes. At sea, the crew members do not have to rely on someone's help, she simply will not have time to come. A yacht is a kind of "floating bomb" made of combustible materials (wood and plastic) and, in addition, has gas and fuel tanks on board!

What qualities a good captain should have

Sometimes yacht owners prefer to hire a captain and a professional crew in order to enjoy the sea voyage without worries. It happens that the captain is hired to help the crew members work out certain skills. The captain is responsible for the safety of the vessel, for the life and health of passengers and crew.

What modern hybrid yachts are today

Recently, a new trend has been observed in shipbuilding: the development of environmentally friendly and multifunctional yachts. Increasingly, boats are being produced with hybrid engines that use thermal and electrical energy.
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