Wedding venue in Tbilisi
Denis Korablev
  • 18.09.2023
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Wedding venue in Tbilisi

In recent years, wedding in Georgia have become a real trend among couples from all over the world. It would seem that what can make lovers on such a special day fly sometimes to the other side of the world to get married. But the reasons for that non-trivial step, in fact, are quite enough, and for each couple, they can be different.

For example, many couples choose Georgia for marriage registration because of:

  • The sheer number of scenic views.
  • Many diverse locations: sea, mountains, modern and ancient architecture, forest, etc.
  • Quick marriage procedure. Possible variants of a wedding in 24 hours.
  • Ability to visit the country without a visa (relevant for citizens of more than 90 countries).
  • Affordable cost of wedding services. Wedding agency "Shu Wedding" offers couples packages from 450 dollars.
  • The opportunity to marry according to the traditions of another country.
  • Pleasant weather conditions.

As you can see, a wedding in Georgia for foreigners is quite a tempting option, so the popularity of such a trip is absolutely justified.

Wedding in Tbilisi

Georgia can offer you a huge assortment of fantastic locations for a wedding, from such abundance can even make you dizzy. And if you too are faced with such a problem, we can offer you a win-win option - marriage registration in the capital of Georgia.

Tbilisi is a sunny and stunning city, which is not only the administrative center of Georgia but also serves as the hub of all tourist routes and the real heart of this country.

It is here that you will find a unique atmosphere, ancient buildings, stunning views, and restaurants with the most delicious Georgian cuisine, you can taste world-famous local wine and, of course, get acquainted with the unique flavor of the locals and their hospitality.

Why is Tbilisi ideal for a foreign wedding?

We recommend choosing this city for a wedding of foreign couples for a number of objective reasons:

  • You will not have to spend time traveling within the country. You can fly to Tbilisi and immediately go to prepare for the wedding or even to the registry office.
  • Tbilisi has the largest number of people who speak English. That is, here it will be easier for you to solve some small problems, get help, advice or buy something on your own.
  • Choosing the capital, you will get the opportunity to hold a wedding with a stunning view within the city.
  • Tbilisi has the best photographers, makeup artists, and other professionals you may need.
  • You will be able to save a significant amount of money on car rentals and transferring your guests if everything is close by.

Best wedding venues in Tbilisi

Tbilisi Residence: This historic complex is located in the heart of the old city and offers amazing views of the city.

  • Botanical Garden. An enclosed garden located in a picturesque setting at the foot of the Narikala Fortress is perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding.
  • Funicular Complex. Located on Mtatsminda Mountain, the complex offers mesmerizing views of the city and magnificent banquet halls.
  • Tbilisi Event Hall. This is one of the modern wedding venues with contemporary design and all amenities.
  • The bank of the Kura River. Many restaurants and halls are located along the river, offering a romantic atmosphere overlooking the water.
  • Stamba Hotel. This uniquely designed boutique hotel is perfect for a modern-style wedding.
  • Narikala Fortress. For those who want a historical atmosphere, the fortress on the hill offers stunning panoramic views of the city.
  • Rike Terrace. This public park by the Kura River offers a beautiful outdoor wedding venue with views of the Peace Bridge and the old part of the city.
  • Rooms Hotel Tbilisi. This stylish boutique hotel offers chic interiors and a gorgeous courtyard for weddings.
  • Château Mukhrani. Despite being slightly outside of Tbilisi, this gorgeous wine estate is perfect for a château style wedding with a Georgian accent.
  • Opera & Ballet Theater. For couples looking for an elegant and cultural venue, the Opera & Ballet Theater is the perfect place.
  • Gallery 27- This beautiful terrace house in the old town is ideal for small wedding receptions.
  • Vino Underground. For wine lovers, this cozy venue in the old town offers cellar weddings with an extensive selection of natural Georgian wines.

When choosing a wedding venue in Tbilisi, we recommend considering the time of year, number of guests, and your personal style. To get more information about the best wedding venues in Tbilisi, to find out the cost and free dates for booking, you can contact the wedding agency "Shu Wedding". We will be happy to help you organize your dream wedding in Georgia!