10 most beautiful bays in Turkey
Denis Korablev
  • 08.04.2020
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10 most beautiful bays in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful Middle Eastern country with a mild Mediterranean subtropical climate and access to two seas at once: the Mediterranean and the Black. Turkey has many ancient cities filled with oriental flavor, as well as many opportunities for active and relaxing holidays. This country is almost all year round open to tourists: in summer - for vacationers on the beaches of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, in winter - for vacationers at ski resorts, all year round there are opportunities for shopping, historical excursions, adventure tours. The flora of Turkey is very diverse, tropical plants grow on the territory of the country, and the coastal waters are rich in fish, lobsters, lobsters, shrimps, mussels, etc. In this article we will look at where to go, yacht charter in Turkey, where the most beautiful bays and amazing the beauty of the reserved corners of this eastern country.

Kabak Fethiye

Kabak Bay is located 30 km from Fethiye and is filled with picturesque views, gentle sea and beautiful mountains. Well suited for secluded relaxation, hiking and enjoying the beauty of the amazing nature. The name comes from the Turkish "tavern", which means only "pumpkin" and has nothing to do with drinking establishments. At the service of vacationers - half a kilometer of magnificent sand and pebble beaches with a shallow blue sea right from the coast, mountain routes and untouched forests.


The name "Bordyubet" is translated into Russian as "bird beds", and the reason for this is the frequent nesting of many species of birds in this place. In the mountains and crevices of local rocks, there are pigeons, nightingales, hawks, goldfinches, and many other species of birds. Bordubet Bay, located on the Reshadie Peninsula, is very small, cozy, quiet and beautiful. Here you can enjoy the unprecedented beauty of pristine nature, watch the yachts mooring at the beginning of the river flowing into the bay, listen to birdsong and just walk. Bordubet Bay is an ideal place for lovers of wildlife, preserved in this place in a pristine, untouched form.


Gideros Bay on the Black Sea coast is one of the most picturesque places in all of Turkey, located 12 km from the city of Jide. The emerald green expanse of the bay resembles a lake from a distance, with magnificent views of the sea opening from its shores. Once there were sea robbers and smugglers hiding here, but now the atmosphere is very quiet and calm, and the slopes of the coast are covered with dense larch, boxwood, oak and pine forests.

Bedri Rahmi

Bedri Rahmi Bay in Fethiye Bay is one of the most beautiful and famous in the region, it is well sheltered from the wind, has a small beach on the north side and is surrounded by pine forests and olive groves. Yachts can be moored anywhere in the bay. The name Bedri Rahmi is associated with the name of a Turkish poet who painted frescoes with images of fish on one of the local rocks.


Cleopatra Bay is a picturesque place with clear blue water, clean soft sand and rock, reminiscent of Cleopatra in profile. The bay is located near the tourist village Tekirova in the Kemer region, known for its developed infrastructure and services. There are all conditions for an active and relaxing holiday - from bike paths to the cable car to the top of Mount Tahtali. The bay is surrounded by large green pine trees, descending directly to the sea, as well as picturesque mountains of bizarre and unusual shapes. This place is completely wild, and there is almost no infrastructure (and the water is almost ideal for swimming), you rarely meet a visiting tourist. From here you can observe the most beautiful views of the sea, rocks and yachts sailing by.


According to yachtsmen 2yachts, Hidayet Bay is an excellent diving site, beautiful and well protected from wind and waves ... The bay is home to many species of fish and other types of underwater fauna. On the seabed there are old sunken ships, and in the neighboring bay at the bottom there are intricate stone formations that deserve the name "Second Stonehenge". This place is known far beyond the borders of the country and there are all conditions for active recreation on a yacht or under water.


Hamsilos Bay is a great place for spearfishing and diving, it is known outside Turkey and is very visited by tourists. The literal translation of the name "Khamsilos" sounds like "thin nose", traces of melting glaciers have been preserved here and the national park of the same name is located, which is the natural heritage of the country.

Amos. Bozburun

Amos Bay is located 25 km from the youth resort of Marmaris, not far from the Bozburun peninsula. At the entrance to the bay there is a small amphitheater; this bay is famous for its rich history and azure se. This corner of untouched nature is perfect for those who decided to take a break away from the noise of civilization and take a breath of fresh air.

Akbuk. Gekova

Akbyuk Bay is located in the Gokova Bay, in a protected area and is comprehensively protected. Tourists who come here have the opportunity to get acquainted with the sights of the city of Kariya and visit the historical site of Keramos.


Phaselis Bay is located in the popular resort of Antalya, one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean coast, known for its gorgeous views and lush coniferous forests. The bay is located on the territory of the Olympos National Park, which is a national treasure of Turkey.