5 popular Russian rivers for sailing
Denis Korablev
  • 25.09.2020
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5 popular Russian rivers for sailing

Sailing enthusiasts travel not only across the sea, often their routes run along the rivers of our vast country. Experienced yachtsmen know that when choosing one of the rivers as a route, many factors should be taken into account, such as: shallow areas, rapids, depth differences, weather changes, etc. Consider the rivers most often chosen by yachtsmen for sailing trips.


Yachting on the Moskva River is mainly carried out outside the metropolis, where there are no bridges. In the capital and Moscow region yacht clubs you can easily rent a yacht and carry out the chosen route under sail, for example, on the occasion of a corporate party celebration. The well-developed infrastructure of the metropolis allows you to learn yachting at sailing schools and pass exams at the State Inspection Institute for the right to operate a small boat.

A walk along the Moskva River on a modern yacht promises a lot of new impressions and discoveries, provides an opportunity to look at skyscrapers and other sights of the capital from a completely different perspective. Yacht charter may also include en-route stops for scenic and sightseeing visits. It is not for nothing that Moscow is called the "Port of the Five Seas", because from here you can travel to any part of the planet - to sail along the waterways to the Volga, then to the Black Sea, and from there to the Mediterranean. But this is only a theory, but in reality everything turns out to be much more complicated.

Owners of small boats can move freely along the Moskva River and Yauza, but sailing is prohibited in the center of Moscow. It will not be possible to walk the entire length of the Moskva River because of the bridges and a possible solution to this problem can only be choosing a yacht model with a folding mast. One of the problems of the capital's reservoirs is that, despite the abundance of berths, it is impossible to moor almost anywhere. In fact, you can only stop at the “wild” sections of the river, for example, in Strogino, after passing the locks. It is impossible to anchor in the center of Moscow for the reason that communications run along the bottom in many places.

In order to sail to the center of Moscow, you will have to cross the locks, this opportunity is provided only by prior agreement with the personnel of the locks. Please note that traffic on the Moskva River is often blocked during public events (for security reasons). Also, when diverging from other vessels and passing river bends, one must be guided by the "Rules for the movement and anchorage of vessels in the Moscow basin of inland waterways of the Russian Federation."

There are many yacht clubs for the owners of sailing yachts on the Moskva River - with infrastructure on the coast and territory for sailing and sailing. Prices for training services in sailing schools are affordable, so everyone can feel the freedom of sailing on weekends or on weekdays.


Full sail yachting in St. Petersburg is possible due to the presence of drawbridges. From spring to late autumn, those who wish can find here a wide variety of yacht rental offers. Thanks to the cozy berths and developed infrastructure, yachtsmen in St. Petersburg get the opportunity to use sailing yachts for organizing festive events. Yacht clubs located on the Neva organize various walks and regattas. Plus, the central water area of the Neva has long been the venue for the stages of international sailing championships.


The largest river in Europe carries its waters to the Caspian Sea. Not everyone is able to travel and sail along the Volga to the sea.

For fans of sailing, this water area is attractive, first of all, by the possibility of training for beginner yachtsmen. In local sailing schools you will be offered to the training routes from the Volga cities - Yaroslavl, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod or from Astrakhan along the Volga delta, there are also many other interesting options for active pastime.

On this route, you can learn the basics of yacht management, learn navigation rules and get acquainted with a large number of sights of ancient Russian cities along the way. Skippers have access to routes with access to the waters of the Black, Baltic, Azov and White Seas. Yacht rental prices are noticeably lower here than in Europe, and athletes can take part in numerous regattas and championships in Russia - to get acquainted with the dates of their holding, just look at the calendar of the All-Russian Sailing Federation.


One of the main rivers of Siberia and the second longest river in Asia for many settlements of the region in summer is the only transport artery. Those wishing to conquer the river space of the Great Siberian River under sail can use the services of yacht clubs in large cities, which are not inferior in terms of equipment and infrastructure development to the capital cities. Despite the short summer, the weather here is conducive to the possibility of holding corporate regattas and many competitions. Also on the Ob there are many sailing schools for beginner athletes.


The largest river in the European part of Russia with a basin exceeding the area of Poland, favors the development of sailing. Navigation on this deep river is known from the chronicles dating back to the early 18th century. At this time, the infrastructure of sailing yachting in the water area of the Don does not meet the requirements of professionals, but it is good news that sailing in Russia is becoming more and more popular every year.

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