Yachting and itineraries in the Virgin Islands: Saint John
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  • 06.10.2021
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Yachting and itineraries in the Virgin Islands: Saint John

St. John is the smallest of the American Virgin Islands, owned and is the richest of all the colonial lands of the United States. This is a hilly island, remote from civilization, covered with lush tropical vegetation, 2/3 of the territory of which is Virgin Islands National Park. The first inhabitants of these places were the Arawaka Indians, who arrived on the islands from the territory of modern Venezuela and Colombia by water around the beginning of the 3rd century AD. At the beginning of the 14th the peaceful Arawaks were pushed aside by the more warlike Caribs. During his second trip to America, Christopher Columbus discovered this island, like the rest of the Virgin Islands, giving them their modern name.

Today, the small tropical island of St. John is very popular among fans of ecotourism and nature lovers. Every year a large number of tourists come here for a relaxing beach holiday and unity with nature. Travelers can enjoy impressive views of mountain peaks, picturesque sparsely populated beaches, secluded palm-fringed lagoons and coves and luxurious coral reefs.


The climate of the islands is tropical marine with minor fluctuations in average monthly temperatures throughout the year. The average air temperature is: +28 С ° in summer and + 22-24С ° - in winter. Most of the time the weather is sunny, with intermittent showers once or twice a week at any time of the year. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in October and November. According to experts 2yachts, in general, the climate here is quite comfortable for yachting, but from July to October tropical hurricanes are possible ...

The most favorable time to visit St. John is from December to April, and for snorkeling is the beginning of summer, when the probability of storms is almost impossible.

Nature and attractions

Saint John is inviting for a relaxing beach holiday on beautiful clear-water beaches fringed by lush greenery that rises to the water's edge. The best public beaches on the island are Deep Bay and Fort James. Cinnamon Bay Beach in the northern part of the island is the longest and most popular on the island, snorkeling conditions are excellent here right from the shore and not very crowded. Infrastructure of Cinnamon Bay includes parasol and sun lounger rentals, showers, a recreation room, shops and a water sports equipment rental center.

If you are planning to arrive in St. John in winter, you will surely want to try your hand at surfing and the Galli Bay is perfect for this purpose. There are a total of 40 beaches with the softest sand on the island, which are great for swimming and sunbathing, as well as for water sports. By the way, on the neighboring island of St. Thomas there is one of the most romantic beaches of the archipelago - Magens Bay. This place is associated with many exciting stories about pirates, for whom the coast has long served as a haven. According to legends, many pirate treasures are hidden along the Magens Bay beach.

Today, the rocky island of St. John is the best place for various types of outdoor activities. In addition to beaches, travelers are interested in numerous tourist routes. If necessary, you can plan a hike on the hiking trails that cut through the island, choosing the appropriate difficulty and length of the route. Going to the coast, adherents of ecotourism will find a lot of interesting things for themselves, but do not forget that it is forbidden to collect shells and catch other marine life on all islands of the archipelago.

The territory of the National Park covers not only land, but also vast areas of coastal waters and nearby reefs. Visitors to the park can not only enjoy stunning panoramic views and tropical rainforest walks, but also swim in the crystal clear lagoons. During the Bordeaux Mountain Trail excursion, which takes tourists through the mangroves to the mountain peaks, its participants can not only enjoy the wildlife, but also visit the abandoned Annaberg plantation and the ruins of an old sugar factory built in 18.

Ecotourists enjoy the most popular route along the Lameshur Bay National Park Trail, which starts on Centerline Road and ends on the shore of Genti Bay. During this walk, travelers can enjoy the wilderness, explore ancient petroglyphs and explore abandoned sugar plantations.

Among natural attractions, Salt Pond Bay, Reef Bay, and the picturesque Trunk Bay are especially distinguished. The sea is clean and calm, and there are all conditions for exciting diving, snorkeling, underwater photography and other types of entertainment. The diversity of the underwater world is represented by picturesque coral thickets inhabited by myriads of bright tropical fish, soaring sea turtles, bizarre sea shells and other inhabitants of the depths of the sea. The beach of Trunk Bay, with perfectly clear waters and calm surf, is ideal for swimming. This beach is the only paid one on the island, since its territory is included in the National Park. It is also considered the most beautiful in Saint John and the most unspoilt in the Caribbean.

Travelers should definitely visit the Historical Museum of St. John; the local old library is also an important attraction. And in the archaeological site of Cinnamon Bay, you will have the opportunity to explore the sites where archaeological excavations are underway. Another interesting archaeological site is the ancient stone petroglyphs of the Arawak Indians, which are located near the Reef Bay trail.

Cruz Bay in the west of the island is home to most of the shops, cafes and restaurants. Coral Bay, located on the shores of Coral Harbor, 12 km east of Cruz Bay, is also a lively place. Coral Bay has hotels and restaurants, but no beaches. The mountainous landscape and scenic views are ideal for hiking and walking. Here you can also visit the oldest church on the island - Emmaus-Moravian-Church. There are excursions to all significant tourist sites on the island.


The island cuisine has mixed the traditions of various peoples of the world, if you wish, you can find here dishes of almost any of the cuisines: European, Asian, African, etc. Lots of seafood dishes, travelers can recommend gourmet dishes such as gambas shrimp, charcoal grilled red snapper, flying fish fillets, lobster and Sudons clams. Since there are no natural reservoirs on the island, and the groundwater is deep, water is obtained here by collecting rain and desalting sea water. Difficulties in the supply of drinking water make St. John's meat production more expensive than seafood, so the choice of meat dishes is limited.

Among the drinks, bush-tee tea is very popular, which is prepared using herbs collected here, as well as fresh juices from exotic fruits growing on the island: mango, papaya, pineapple, etc. Of the alcoholic drinks the most widespread is rum, in particular, the popular varieties "Wadadli" and "Banks". Those wishing to bring something from a trip to St. John, first of all, should be advised to purchase a local rum. As already mentioned, most of the shopping establishments on the island are concentrated in the settlements of Cruz Bay and Coral Bay.

The small island of St. John in the Caribbean is popular with travelers around the world for its abundance of unspoiled natural surroundings, sprawling white sandy beaches, and great opportunities for diving, sea fishing and yachting. The advantage of the island is that it is sparsely populated and there are many bays and bays. It is a true tropical paradise with coral reefs teeming with marine life, tranquil lagoons and picturesque secluded coves.

High season lasts from May to October, you can get to the island by arriving at the airport in St. Thomas. The marinas of the archipelago provide ample opportunities for planning routes in the Atlantic and the Caribbean, but it should be borne in mind that many islands are under the protectorate of various countries, and mooring at most berths is paid. When planning a long sea voyage, it is better to rent a yacht with a crew.

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