Yachting in the Philippines: the exotic island of Palawan
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  • 21.10.2021
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Yachting in the Philippines: the exotic island of Palawan

The Philippines is a state in Southeast Asia, located on seven thousand islands spread out like a necklace in the Pacific Ocean. Today, the Philippines can offer tourists from all over the world various types of recreation. For example, the island of Boracay attracts lovers of relaxing beach holidays, people go to Bohol to observe the amazing primates - tarsiers, and Palawan is very popular among divers. But this paradise island with beautiful beaches is of value not only for diving enthusiasts, vacationers with different needs can find something new and interesting for themselves.


The climate in different parts of the island is different, and the mountain range passing through its central part serves as a kind of separator of weather zones. Palawan is in the monsoon zone, the average temperature during the day is kept at 28 ° C. The hottest period lasts from April to August, when daytime temperatures are kept at 32 ° C. Most of the year, rains are rare, with heavy rainfall only from May to December. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, the most favorable months to visit the island are February and March, when it is not so hot here, rains are less frequent and in general, the weather is favorable for walking and beach activities.


The capital of the island, the city of Puerto Princesa in the central part of the east coast, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Due to the presence of the airport and the magnificent nature, many tourists begin their acquaintance with the sights of the island from its capital. The city's most famous landmarks include the underground river of the same name, the cathedral with a 2-century history, as well as the popular green areas - Princess Eulalia Park and Mendoza Park. Walking in the vicinity of Puerto Princesa, you can visit the picturesque waterfalls, see the incredible beauty of the bay, as well as capture the bay and settlements from above, climbing a small mountain.

You should definitely visit the local crocodile farm to experience the local exoticism. Distinguished by the richness of nature, the National Park of the underground river Puerto Princesa in the vicinity of the capital. The main attraction of the park is the aforementioned underground river with a length of more than 8 km; over the years, along the course of the river, the water has created caves and grottoes here, in which bats and birds have settled. At the mouth of the river, fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales are found - for this reason, this place is very popular with divers.

Among the amazing natural attractions is also the Kalawit Nature Reserve, where you can watch endangered Filipino animals. The El Nido area in the northwestern part of the island is 260 km away from the capital and is the most remarkable in Palawan. Having visited the numerous picturesque islets of the Bay of Bakuit, you can feel like a discoverer of these places.

In the southwestern part of the island there is a complex of 29 caves Tabon. During excavations, remains of an ancient Filipino man were found here, as well as stone tools, earthenware, burial vessels and jade jewelry.

In the southern part of the island there is Mantalingayan Mountain, which is part of the Mantalingayan Mountain Range National Park. It is home to many unique plants and rare birds. Extreme travelers are invited to climb the mountain, the entire trek up the mountain and back takes several days.

In the vicinity of the town of Brooks Point, there are picturesque waterfalls of Sabsaban chosen by tourists. In the city, it is worth visiting the ruins of an ancient lighthouse and the concrete water storage facility Port Miller, from which the inhabitants once took drinking water. One cannot ignore the Brooke's Point Eco-Park, as well as the springs gushing out of the ground Ocean Spring. The small town of Cuyo is known for being the second capital of Palawan province. It is the oldest city on the island, and there are many architectural and historical sights of interest to tourists.

Palawan Beaches

Palawan's beaches are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Their total number exceeds 50, each of the beaches has its own unique atmosphere. Let's look at some of them, where you can appreciate the majestic beauty of nature and get a lot of vivid impressions. One of the most famous and beloved beaches of the island is Sabang, which attracts tourists with the possibility of seclusion. Travelers are greeted here by blue water, clean white sand and beautiful views.

Nagtabon Beach is a quiet place for a relaxing beach holiday. Unlike the neighboring beaches, there are not so many tourists here. The longest white sand beach on the island is Long Beach in San Vicente, which is 14 km long. On the coast there are trade establishments selling mainly drinks.

In the town of El Nido, you can visit the private Yoga Beach - a very quiet and uncrowded place that is well suited for meditation. 4.5 km from El Nido is the wonderful Marimemeg beach - here you can rent a kayak, there is a bar on the coast. Not far from the Iravan beach with a well-groomed coastline, there is a huge rock from which you can see not only the ocean expanses, but also the nearby islands.

The secluded Port Barton Beach is located in a coastal fishing village and competes with the El Nido beaches for its serene atmosphere. Good for families with children the 2 km long Corong Beach with a very shallow shore. The bottom is strewn with rare stones and algae. Here you can see sunsets of unprecedented beauty.

From the coastline of Corong Beach, a boat ride to the private Papaya Beach, open to visitors. But it should be taken into account that in the first months of autumn, algae can cover the coastal water area. On the beach, coconuts are sold in abundance, and the selection of drinks of different strengths is great.

The paid Pristine Beach is equipped with gazebos, which is very popular among locals. There is a picnic area and the beach is very crowded on weekends. The beaches of Ipil are classified as wild, they are not equipped and it is possible to get here only by water.

Talojan is a magnificent beach where you can enjoy a unique view of the sunset. You can get here by motorcycle, however, the coverage of the last kilometers of the road leaves much to be desired. Comfortable swim during low tide on the Seven commandos beach, which can be reached either by signing up for a tour of El Nido Bay, or by yourself - by renting a kayak on Corong Beach.

Local cuisine

When choosing an institution and dishes, it should be borne in mind that most of the products are imported to the island, and, therefore, are more expensive than, for example, on the island of Luzon. Of the meat, pork is usually used, which is used for cooking barbecue, casseroles, meat sticks. The locals welcome chicken and include it in their daily diet - you can always buy grilled chicken in the shops. Vegetables in Palawan are grown for Asian cabbage, cucumbers and sweet potatoes. Among fruits, the most popular is mango.

On the island, you can always find a suitable place to eat or buy fresh food. Fresh fish and seafood can also be purchased from local fishermen. Palawan restaurants offer pineapple, banana, tangerine and mango fresh juices. Tourists are advised to try tupig - a dessert made from rice, coconut and coconut milk with sugar.

Outdoor activities

The list of water activities on the island includes snorkeling, diving, shark watching and kiting. The coastal waters are distinguished by a unique biodiversity. You can go to watch whale sharks from Puerto Princesa, and you may even be allowed to swim alongside these huge and leisurely sea creatures.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs rich in life, the total area of which is 11 thousand square meters. km. The best diving spots are the reefs of Busuanga, Apo and Tubbataha. The latter is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also for diving and snorkeling, Honda Bay is ideal, from Puerto Princesa to its deserted beaches can be reached by yacht in half an hour. In the capital, you can rent dive boats that operate from March to May.

The best kitesurfing spot is located in the vicinity of the airport, there are equipment rentals and rooms to stay. On Star Fish Island you can see many starfish, which remain on the shore at low tide. Due to the variety of relief, the island is popular among fans of ecotourism - it is covered with mangroves, mountains and jungle.

Today, Plavan is one of the most attractive islands in the Philippine archipelago, which is awarded annually as a resort with unique natural sites, almost untouched by man. A trip to this exotic island will give you a pleasant and measured vacation surrounded by natural objects of incredible beauty.

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