Yachting on the islands of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Iceland
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  • 17.09.2021
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Yachting on the islands of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar is a small archipelago south of Iceland, consisting of 16 islands, as well as several dozen rocks and cliffs. There is only one inhabited of the islands - Heimaey, it is also the largest in area and the most populated. There is a airport with two runways and a seaport. The group of islands of volcanic origin got its name from the ancient Vikings - translated from Icelandic Vestmannaeyjar means "the islands of the western people." The Vikings called the Irish "Western people", and it was they who were the first settlers of these places.

The archipelago is very young in geological terms, and its formation continues today. In 1973, when the Eldfell volcano erupted on Heimaey Island, its territory increased by 15% due to solidified lava. Today, traces of natural erosion are visible in the bizarre outlines of the islands, and at the same time they are covered with life. The shores are inhabited by numerous birds, among which the most notable are puffins - the emblem of Vestmannaeyjar.

Places of interest

Vestmannaeyjar lies in the path of many bird species, and seals and killer whales can be seen in the surrounding waters. The shores of most of the islands are rocky and inaccessible, many of them serve as a temporary haven for fishermen, hunters and tourists.

Experienced travelers 2yachts celebrate if you are attracted by Martian landscapes, the beauty of unspoiled nature, clean air and ocean - a trip on Vestmannaeyjar is a good choice when planning your vacation. Here the traveler sees what the archipelago can be called the "tourist pearl" of Iceland.

Heimaey Island

Heimaey is an island 10 km south of Iceland. After the eruption on the outskirts of the city of Heimaey located here, the islands were called Scandinavian Pompeii. It is noteworthy that igneous rocks were used to repair the airport and restore houses.

Recommended attractions on the main island of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago:

  • A wooden Viking church built in 2000, the architecture and construction methods of which fully correspond to the Viking era of the 12-13th centuries;
  • Eldheimar Museum, built around the remains of one of the houses that miraculously survived a volcanic eruption on the outskirts of Heimaey. There is a small coffee shop on the second floor, where you can sit after the tour and enjoy the view of the islands;
  • Sagnheimar Folk Museum with exhibitions reflecting the history of the islands. Here you can learn about the volcanic eruption, the early 17th century pirate raid on the island and the life of fishermen;
  • SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary;
  • The Brothers Brewery, a local brewery in the north of Vestmannaeyjar;
  • Storhofdi (Great Cape) - a peninsula in the south of the island, where one of the oldest lighthouses in Iceland is located, operating since 1906;
  • The green Herjolf's Valley (Herjolfsdalur) with reconstructed Viking houses and beautiful views of the islands and the sea.

Here you can hike the Heimaklettur (Home Rock) hiking trail with beautiful flower fields and beautiful views of the islands, or sign up for a boat tour from Ribsafari, during which you will see the whales. Walking Tours are provided by Booking Westman Islands, and guided kayak tours are organized by Kayak and Puffins to explore the cliffs and sea caves.

While walking around the island, travelers can climb to the top of the Eldfell volcano (279 m above sea level and a relative height of about 200 m), visit fields of frozen lava and even look into the land of trolls - there is a secret garden of elves in lava, with tiny houses and a mill. There are also several restaurants in the city serving delicious seafood, lamb and puffin puffin meat, as well as vegetarian options on the menu.

Surtsey Island

The southernmost point of Iceland is located on the island of Surtsey - it was opened only in the second half of the 20th century and is considered modern. Surtsey attracted the attention of scientists for the unique opportunity to trace the process of the emergence of life on the island. Today, the uninhabited island is a stopping place for many species of migratory birds, which brought most of the plant seeds to it.

Ellidae Island

On the third largest island in the archipelago - Ellidae, there is only one house - it belongs to the Hunting Association. At various times on the Internet there were disputes about its ownership, but unofficially it began to be called "the loneliest house in the world."

The island is interesting for its atypical shape, reminiscent of a hill with a steep descent and it is not so easy to get on it - mooring to the rocky shore is quite problematic. If you manage to get here in the spring, you can see a bird market, and Atlantic puffins at this time build nests, breaking deep holes. Local travel agencies arrange day trips to the rocky island, so those who wish can visit this delightful place, feeling the atmosphere of seclusion against the backdrop of green spaces and blue sea surface. With its unspoilt nature, magnificent landscapes and island spirit, Vestmannaeyjar can be considered the most interesting place in the Icelandic region of Südürland.

Arriving in the archipelago, you can make exciting excursions in the fresh air, contemplating the seascapes of the North Atlantic or walks around the city of Vestmannaeyjar, seeing its sights. Travelers also have a wonderful opportunity to observe the life of seabirds, play golf on the ocean and taste traditional Icelandic cuisine.

Relaxation here is measured, and in the process you can capture breathtaking panoramas in photos, opening from the top of the volcano. Interestingly, from the islands you can see the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, located near the southern coast of Iceland. The closest port to the archipelago is Landeyjahöfn, from where ferries go to Heimaey. Landeyjahöfn is located just 2 hours from the capital of Iceland - Reykjavik.

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