Yachting on Lake Como in Italy
Denis Korablev
  • 30.11.2020
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Yachting on Lake Como in Italy

In Italy, yachtsmen at any time of the year are pleased with the picturesque long Mediterranean coast with many popular resorts. After all, everyone knows the charming beaches of Venice and the best beaches in Tuscany. However, in addition to the sea coast, Italy has many picturesque places suitable for yachting, and one of the striking examples of this is Lake Como. This lake is of glacial origin, and its depth in some places exceeds 400 m. Lake Como is located just 40 km from Milan - the Italian capital of fashion and business, the most expensive and richest city in the country.

The lake is located in a valley of glacial origin and the fact that once upon a time glaciers formed here resemble the towering peaks of the Alps. This lake is the most popular among tourists in Italy. Even in the period of Ancient Rome, residences of government officials began to be located on the coast of the lake, for example, Villa Virgil, and during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci rested here.

By the end of 19, the area around Como was already built up with luxurious houses of influential people and aristocrats, and to this day this area maintains this high status of an elite area. Today, there are many expensive houses near the lake, owned by world-class celebrities, for example - George Clooney, Madonna and Stallone.

Places of interest

There are many natural and architectural attractions in the vicinity of Lake Como. First of all, the city of Como, located on the southwestern arm of the lake, is interesting here. In the historic center of Como, it is worth seeing the impressive 14th century Cathedral with magnificent interior decoration. Travelers should also like the Romanesque Basilica of St. Abbondio, built in the early centuries and for almost 5 centuries served as a residence for the highest clergy.

While walking around the city, you should definitely visit the Temple of Volta and the ancient town hall of Broletto. Also noteworthy is the Baradello castle, located on a high hill, climbing which, you can observe an amazing panorama of the lake surface, the valley and the high peaks of the Alps. And in September, costume shows with knightly battles are organized within the walls of the castle.

One of the most beautiful buildings on the shore of the lake is the Villa Carlotta in the city of Tremezzo, which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

At the beginning of the southeastern arm of the lake is the ancient city of Lecco, where you can organize walks along the ancient and intriguing streets and squares. You should definitely visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas 18 c with a high bell tower, which the locals affectionately nicknamed Matitone, which means "pencil". Also, you cannot ignore the old mansion Palazzo del Paure, the Croce di Malta, the Palace della Banka Popolare and other attractions of a small town in the Lombardy region.

At the point where all three branches of the lake converge, is the city of Bellagio. The area between the two branches of the lake is known for its lush nature and mesmerizing landscapes. Back in the 5th century BC, the Romans built defensive fortifications here. And in the Middle Ages, Johann Goethe, Giuseppe Verdi, Lord Byron and other famous personalities drew inspiration from these places. In Bellagio, you will find many luxurious villas and estates that adorn the city streets - an example of expressive architecture, Villa Serbelloni, with a well-kept park and currently a five-star hotel, is worth noting. Also on the lake there is only one island, Comacina, located near Bellagio. At the top of the mountain located on the island are 15 Baroque chapels, considered one of the symbols of the country. The shores of the lake near the island are so picturesque that the local landscapes served as natural scenery for the filming of the James Bond movie, as well as one of the Star Wars episodes.

In addition to Como and Bellagio, it is worth visiting the coastal towns of Varenna, Dongo, Lenno, Tremezzo, as well as visiting the villas Melzi, Monastero and Olmo. But to try delicious national cuisine is best in restaurants on the water, equipped with their own berths.

There are more than 1000 hotels and apartments around the lake, so it won't be difficult for you to choose the right option for your stay.

The lake is very long (its length is 47 km), but its maximum width is only 4 km. This form of the reservoir did not interfere with the development of tourism and yachting in this area. The yachting season here begins in May and lasts until September, but the water is suitable for swimming only in summer. Since the lake is surrounded by high mountains, yachting conditions here are considered optimal for both experienced and beginner yachtsmen. Rent a yacht in Italy on Lake Como, you can enjoy the views of the Alpine nature and explore the unprecedented beauty of the coast, and if you want to devote all your time to observing nature, then it is worth renting a boat with a skipper.

With a rented yacht, you can sail along an area with breathtaking landscapes and blue waters. The varied vegetation on the coast is represented by olive and cypress groves, chestnuts and vineyards. And granite and limestone mountains with a height of more than 2 km can charm any traveler for a long time.

It is almost impossible to describe all the wonders that distinguish Lake Como, therefore it is worth visiting in person in order to replenish the treasury of the best impressions from a yacht trip in Italy.

Outdoor activities

If you want to combine a yacht trip on Lake Como with active entertainment, you can rent jet skis, water skiing, or boating. You can also usefully spend time walking through beautiful parks, cycling, organizing picnics and camping, or taking a funicular ride to the top of the mountain. Lovers of the beauty of the underwater world can dive in the coastal waters. Often, tourists can be found practicing aristocratic golf or affordable tennis. There are also kitesurfing and windsurfing clubs on the lake, where young water sports lovers can get training. But at night, adults can plunge into the coastal nightlife by visiting local dance clubs and bars.

I must say that in summer a large number of colorful festivals take place on the coast. One of the most popular is the Summer Music Festival, which brings together musicians playing jazz and blues from various regions of Italy, as well as the traditional San Giovanni festival on the island of Comacina, accompanied by a carnival procession and a colorful pyrotechnic show.

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