Yachting in Malaysia: Borneo island
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  • 29.03.2021
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Yachting in Malaysia: Borneo island

Holidays in Malaysia are like a fairy tale - the beauty of its islands, exotic landscapes and warm sand will take the traveler to a world full of comfort and unforgettable impressions. The edge of Malaysia - the island of Borneo and its unique nature, beautiful beaches and clear waters inspire long and memorable travel.

Due to the tropical humid climate with an average water and air temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius, as well as the well-established infrastructure and modern service, the island becomes a center of attraction for numerous tourists. During the rainy season, it is not very comfortable here, as the humidity rises even more. Therefore, in April-May and October-November, it is better to refrain from traveling to Borneo.

The resorts of this country are rich in entertainment facilities and are considered one of the best in this region. Sunny Malaysia, the island of Borneo, 12 months of the year, but in the rainy months it is better to find another option to relax.

History and landmarks

Malaysia is rich in islands that are famous for their many cultural and attractions.

The Langkawi Archipelago, which consists of 104 islands, is known for its pristine white sand beaches, you should definitely visit the black volcanic sand beach Pantai Pasir Hitam. You should see the crocodile and snake farm, as well as the Telaga-Tujukh waterfall, which forms seven lakes from seven streams.

Penang is a small island connected to the mainland by the Penang Bridge. Penang is also famous for its green parks, deep caves and grottoes. The beauty of the island can be enjoyed from the observation deck located at the top of Penang Hill.


The island of Borneo was discovered by Magellan in 1521, although the history of this region is much older. In the caves of the island there are rock carvings, and archaeologists have found many ancient tools and human remains. The island is divided between three states and only a small part of it belongs to Malaysia. The rest of the territory is owned by Brunei and Indonesia.

Malaysian territory is divided into two provinces: Sabah and Sarawak.

The island of Borneo is mainly a mountainous landscape with impenetrable jungle and is inhabited by a huge number of wild monkeys and other interesting animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

The state of Sabah, the capital of which is Kita Kinabalu, is interesting for tourists, first of all, for its original culture and natural attractions. In this city, you can see the main Muslim shrine - the golden domed mosque, as well as a museum of ethnographic creativity and a botanical garden.

There are many markets and fairs where you can buy food and handicrafts at reasonable prices. Local farmers, artisans and culinary specialists display their products to lure curious tourists. Hotels with gorgeous sandy beaches, yacht clubs and Prince Philip Park, as well as individual small villas invite tourists to have a quality and inexpensive vacation.

The state of Sarawak and its capital, the city of Kuching, are located along the coast of the Kuching River. Here you can also see many historical and cultural sights - mostly churches and temples, both Muslim and Chinese.

Walking along the Jalan Gambir embankment, which plays the role of a fair, you can buy local souvenirs and go to shops that sell whatever your heart desires. The Astana Palace has been preserved since the time of the colonial construction and will also interest everyone who is interested in history and local traditions. Many excursion programs throughout the island and the capitals of its states will show and tell about this island and its inhabitants, and the beaches and hotels will help you relax and unwind from the bustle of the city.

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the state. Mount Kinabolu, which rises at 4093 m, is the highest point in Malaysia. Tourists are invited to climb the mountain to enjoy the landscapes of the amazing and enchanting nature of the jungle, plunge into the hot springs, learn about their history and life in the villages-museums of the aborigines.

One of the main attractions of the island is the prehistoric Niach Caves. There is also a crocodile farm, a ticket for a safari and scuba diving. The population of the island of Borneo is represented by 30 nationalities and tribal groups. National holidays and festivals taking place here are very interesting, colorful and attract a large number of tourists. An unusual combination of the original culture of local residents and modern cities with skyscrapers on an island with an area of 740 thousand square meters. kilometers attracts the attention of not only lovers of educational tourism.

Part of Malaysia borders on Thailand, part on Indonesia. Due to its almost equatorial location of the country, the climate here is hot and humid. This is a popular resort region among yachtsmen around the world, which has retained the beauty of real virgin nature with impenetrable thickets and wild beaches. Renting a yacht in Malaysia at yacht charter in Malaysia is an excellent choice for a complete vacation experience.

Malaysia is diverse in its attractions. For example, the Petronas Towers, the Islamic-style twin towers, are a masterpiece of contemporary art. You should also visit the ancient Jambek mosque, the palace of Sultan Abdul-Samad, which are outstanding architectural monuments.

The main natural monument in the country is the Taman-Negara reserve, where you can observe impressive mountain peaks and green valleys, as well as many reservoirs with a huge number of different types of fish. In the forests of the reserve you can meet extremely amazing animals (clouded leopard, Sumatran rhinoceros, Kalimantan wild boar, etc.). Also, your attention will be presented to the impenetrable jungle with rare plants (for example, lianas and giant ferns). There are other parks, on the territory of which the jungle has been preserved in its original form - "Niah", "Bako", etc.


Borneo has a very well-developed coastal infrastructure. One of the most popular tourist routes starts from the northern coast of the island, passes through the Makassar Strait and continues to Bali. At the end of the last century, a large megayacht marina was opened, making adventurous voyages around thousands of Malaysian islands even safer and more attractive.

The Marina has over 90 berths for yachts up to 25 meters long. There is also a spacious Resort Complex in the Harbor, and nearby there are many hotels and great restaurants serving traditional European cuisine. There is a world-class golf club nearby and the marina is just 10 minutes by car from Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

For yachtsmen, the island of Labuan, located near Borneo, is also of interest, which is a regional center of banking and trade, and you can participate in sport fishing and watch hammer fish by visiting the coral island of Layang Layang, located to the north from Labuan.

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