Yachting in Micronesia: Marshall Islands
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  • 16.09.2021
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Yachting in Micronesia: Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of Micronesia. The Republic of the Marshall Islands includes 29 atolls and 5 isolated islands. Most of the population of the archipelago lives on the two largest islands: Majuro and Kwajalein. The Marshall Islands attract tourists with its picturesque nature, as well as the opportunity to see Japanese and American military equipment of the 40s of the last century.

The world of flora of coral islands is represented by coconut palms, as well as mangroves stretching along the coast. It is home to many birds with bright plumage (for example, the bird of paradise), rare turtles and crabs. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, the Marshall Islands is a holiday destination for daredevils who are ready to go to lands remote from civilization or get to know with the distinctive culture of the local population, as well as explore the local villages and coastal waters, where relics from the Second World War are hidden.


The Marshall Islands is a state famous for its incomparable beaches with clear water, beautiful lagoons and untouched coral reefs inhabited by colorful fish. You can go here for a quiet beach holiday, exciting diving or exploring the rich history.

Majuro Atoll

Majuro is the tourist center of the archipelago, which has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and extensive diving areas. Here is the city of Majuro - the capital of the Marshall Islands with an airport and seaport. Local architectural landmark - the Capitol building. Also worth a visit is the Majuro Peace Park Memorial, dedicated to all those who died in the Pacific during the Second World War.

The island is home to the Alele Museum, which presents a collection of unique exhibits that tell about the history and culture of this island state. Also in the south of the island is the Canoe Museum, where you can learn the full history of canoes - the main means of transportation on the islands. The Museum of Maritime and Cartography is also worth visiting, as well as the equipped Laura Beach Park, a popular picnic spot.

Travelers will also be interested in visiting the Laura Village settlement at the western end of the island - people here live in traditional wicker huts and have preserved their way of life and customs as they were several centuries ago. Diving is very popular on Majuro, since there is no current in small lagoons - divers have the opportunity to observe outlandish fish and turtles, as well as to see planes resting on the bottom and other military equipment. In the north of the island is the Ocean Reefs and Aquariums marine farm, which grows giant shellfish and corals. The most popular beach on the island is Laura Beach.

Ebon Atoll

The uniquely shaped atoll is the southernmost in the archipelago. In the 19th century, it was famous for whaling, and today it is an excellent place for organizing a beach holiday.

Kwajalein Atoll

Kwajalein is the largest atoll and provides extensive recreational opportunities. So, there is a yacht club and there is a golf course, football and basketball courts. Emon Beach has grill areas and Camp Hamilton Beach has a windsurfing school.

The island is home to the Marshall Islands Cultural Center, which contains artifacts related to the history of the island - it hosts exhibitions and events aimed at introducing tourists to the traditions of the region.

Mili Miles Atoll

On Mili Mili Atoll there is a village of the same name, in which relics from the Second World War are collected and stored. There is also a system of bunkers and defensive pillboxes.

Vautier Atoll

Covered with dense thickets, the atoll is notable as a place of accumulation of military equipment and weapons. Wartime artifacts include bunkers, a concrete airstrip and artillery pieces. In the local lagoon, divers are attracted by sunken warships and aircraft.

It is also known that in the middle of the last century, hydrogen bomb and nuclear devices were tested on Bikini Atoll. It is dangerous to stay here for a long time due to the high radiation background, however, diving tours with an examination of the underwater depths are regularly held here.


The islands have a tropical climate with an average air temperature of + 27 ° C. A characteristic feature is the change in climatic conditions from north to south - on the southern islands the climate is already subequatorial. The amount of precipitation increases in the direction from north to south, the northern islands are characterized by a semi-arid climate. The islands are located in the northeastern trade wind zone; tropical storms and hurricanes are rare here.


The local cuisine is based on seafood, which is combined with the fruits of the plants growing on the islands. Travelers should try Jakart Fried Chicken, Shark Meat Agras Soup and Charcoal Beans with Limas Beef Blood Sausage. It is better to order meat dishes with breadfruit.

Traditionally, the islands bake crab and fish wrapped in banana leaves. Of the local treats, the most favorite among the islanders is "Ksaava" - tapioca baked with coconut milk.

Yacht Registration

By deciding to register a private yacht in the Marshall Islands, you get a number of advantages, including a fast vessel registration process, partnership agreements with all major maritime powers, maritime offices around the world and a high level of confidentiality. Thanks to the flexible legislation, it is possible to set up yacht ownership through local companies. When registering in the Marshall Islands, the yacht requirements are very high. If you plan to use the yacht for commercial purposes, you will have to provide additional documents about the vessel and the crew.

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