Yachting in New Zealand
Denis Korablev
  • 23.11.2020
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Yachting in New Zealand

In the minds of most people, New Zealand is a mythical, magical land, and the first associations that arise in this regard are the hobbits and rugby culture, but not yachts. And in vain, because yachting in this country is a popular form of recreation, and the possibilities for organizing travel here are impressive, take it to yacht charter in New Zealand is easier than a car.

This state is located in the South Pacific Ocean and includes two large islands and more than 700 small islands. Geographically, the country is isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand's closest neighbors are Australia, the islands of Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia.

In this country, regions with a hot climate and almost polar glaciers are surprisingly combined, kiwi and penguins live here. But due to the remoteness of this island country, it is the most inaccessible destination for tourists from the northern hemisphere. The islands are surrounded by endless ocean spaces, so it is not surprising that yachting is very well developed here.

There are many wild, partly unexplored places in New Zealand and this country is ideal for those seeking solitude and harmony with nature. Due to its remoteness from the rest of the world, New Zealand miraculously retains its original appearance. There is a wide variety of natural attractions, ranging from lush evergreen forests and sandy beaches on pristine coasts to towering mountains and spectacular lakes.

The most popular place for yachts to enter the country is the Bay of Islands, where the modern Opua Marina is located - here you will always be offered comprehensive service and long-term storage of yachts. Also yachting service is developed in New Plymouth on the west coast of the North Island.

Auckland is rightfully considered the yacht capital of the country, where there is a large fleet of yachts and excellent marinas. It is noteworthy that Auckland has hosted the America's Cup twice, and there are many beautiful and cozy bays. In Auckland, you can try high-class cuisine and enjoy leisurely shopping, visiting numerous boutiques.

A large number of marine structures can be seen at Nelson, located in the north of the South Island. Nelson is a key port of the country and is a frequent destination for cruising yachts.

New Zealand is home to a large number of professional yacht service yards and the level of service is always high. Recently, however, prices for shipyard services have increased dramatically, and this is reflected in the country's popularity among sailing travelers.

New Zealand's appeal to boaters stems from the ability to plan and take sea voyages along the coastline with stunning landscapes. The local nature is unique and amazing so much that many of the New Zealand islands have been chosen as locations for filming fantastic films.

Travelers in New Zealand expect stunning natural landscapes, a long coastline, wild islands with convenient bays and a mild maritime climate with a predominance of warm dry weather in summer. There are all the conditions for a family vacation, although single travelers can also find many opportunities for a fruitful holiday - these exotic islands will not leave anyone indifferent. The best time to visit New Zealand is January-February, and winter yachting is especially popular here. Note that in the northern part of the country there are conditions for yachting almost all year round.

Maori cultural attractions

The first inhabitants of this country - the Maori tribes, call New Zealand “the youngest country”. How these ancient tribes suddenly ended up on deserted distant islands, until now, no one knows for sure. You can get acquainted with the life of the Maori in the village of Tamaki, which is located in the vicinity of the city of Rotorua near Auckland. Here you can also visit the unique geothermal springs with numerous mud baths and taste the original cuisine.

You can appreciate and touch the rich cultural heritage of the country by visiting the coastal city of Gisborne, which is the first New Zealand region to be seen by Captain Cook who set foot on the North Island. Today, the area is the majority of the population is Maori, and the territory is the land of ancestors, far from the centers of civilization. You can also see the Maori sights by visiting the vicinity of the Manawatu-Wanganui River in the Tongariro National Park area.

Interesting places to visit

There are many options for planning an exciting sailing trip in New Zealand. Those who are more into contemplation of the beauty of unspoilt nature can go to the shores of marine reserves, for example, by taking a look at the Bay of Islands. And those for whom it is important to choose routes that are not far from civilization can, for example, visit Auckland, where there is entertainment for every taste.

The Bay of Islands is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Here, in sheltered, beautiful coves, yachtsmen stop to swim in the clear waters and sunbathe on the beautiful golden sandy beaches. In addition, there are also good conditions for diving and fishing, for example, if you wish, you can catch the most long-awaited prey - a rare inhabitant of warm seas, marlin. Note that marlin is one of the most delicious and delicious ocean delicacies, and its meat contains many healthy elements.

In the largest city in the country - Auckland - yachtsmen have a variety of interesting pastime options, ranging from boat trips along the coast with the possibility of watching dolphins to walking in the vineyards with expressive wine tasting, excellent quenching thirst. And in the vicinity of the city there are all conditions for an active pastime: surfing, kiting, kayaking with the ability to observe the life of marine life and organize gambling sea fishing.

Another of the interesting places that must be visited when traveling in New Zealand is Fiordland Park, which is distinguished by a large area and magnificent landscapes. Here you can walk surrounded by a mountainous landscape with picturesque lakes, majestic fjords, waterfalls and an amazing beech forest. Also, while on vacation, you should devote time to snorkeling here, and you can even watch the underwater world with children.

The town of Opua, formerly an inconspicuous fishing village, is worth a visit for its many shops, restaurants and nightlife. If necessary, you can stay here for the night in one of the hotels of the category "3-5 stars".

In the "homeland of the hobbits" there are many opportunities for exciting yachting. Green, pristine forests, ideal diving and snorkeling spots and sheltered anchorages make your New Zealand yacht experience an unforgettable experience.

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