Yachting in the vicinity of Genoa (Italy)
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Yachting in the vicinity of Genoa (Italy)

Genoa is the largest port in Italy, the capital of Liguria and the departure point for cruise ships in the Mediterranean. This city played an important role in the life of the state, serving as a major port since the time of the Roman Empire. During the Crusades, the Republic of Genoa had the greatest political influence with numerous overseas colonies. Competing with Venice for spheres of influence in the Mediterranean, it experienced cultural and economic development.

Genoa is one of the most interesting cities in Italy, where they care about the preservation of historical monuments and are engaged in the development of tourist infrastructure. In the city, the traveler can discover many unusual and surprising, for example, modern buildings adjacent to examples of medieval architecture or a combination of civilization and pristine nature.

Also, this fabulous city is the birthplace of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus and composer Niccolo Paganini. Today it is a popular holiday destination among Italians and Europeans. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, in Genoa you can combine beach vacations with excursion tourism and nature walks, visiting local attractions.


There are hundreds of cultural and historical attractions in the city that deserve attention. You should start your acquaintance with Genoa from the port, where the 13th century Palazzo San Giorgio is located - a typical example of medieval architecture. Walking around the city center, you can see buildings from the medieval period, for example, the "National Gallery of Liguria", based in the building of the imposing Palazzo Spinola from the 16th century.

Also worth visiting is the luxurious Princely Villa / Palace of Andrea Doria (Villa del Principe) 17th century, striking with the grandeur of its facade and richness of its interior decoration Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) 17th century and the neo-Gothic castle d'Albertis (Castello D'Albertis) 19 c, dedicated to Captain E. d'Albertis - organizer of the country's first yacht club. In the Maritime Museum "Galata Museo del Mare" (the largest in the whole Mediterranean) you can get acquainted with the unique reconstruction of the port, old maps and marine instruments.

In the Palazzi dei Rolli quarter on Via Garibaldi, there are palaces of the 16th and 17th centuries, declared as heritage sites by UNESCO. In addition to exquisite Baroque architecture, tourists are attracted here by galleries, in which paintings by famous artists are exhibited . Not far from the Genova Piazza Principe train station in the center is the 12th century Commenda di San Giovanni di Pré medieval complex, built by the Knights of the Johannes.

Also in the Old Town, it is worth visiting the Galeone Neptune, a replica of the 16th century Spanish warships, and the Bigo panoramic elevator, a unusual attraction with a stunning view of the city. Undoubtedly, the Lanterna lighthouse 12 deserves attention in the construction - a symbol of Genoa, which is currently restored and is used both for its intended purpose and as a museum of the history of the Genoese port.

Walking along the main seaside boulevard of Genoa, Corso Italia from the historic center, you will find yourself in the Boccadasse district - one of the oldest and most colorful in the city. Climbing up to the Spinata Castelletto observation deck - a kind of terrace overhanging the historical center, you will get the opportunity to observe picturesque views of the bay, medieval streets and the port.


Genoa has a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, without sudden temperature fluctuations. In winter, the average temperature is +10 ° С, in summer +25 ° С. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in October and November.

For most tourists, the best time to visit the resort is spring, when warm, sunny weather sets in, and the sea warms up for a comfortable stay. Also, the weather is pleasing in September, when the temperature drops to acceptable levels. Summer heat is easily tolerated, and in winter there are many sunny days and frosts are extremely rare.


Genoa's national cuisine is based on simple and affordable products, which, through the efforts of the chefs, turn into dishes that amaze with their taste.

First, you need to try "farinata" - chickpea flour cakes. According to legend, they were invented at 13 by the Genoese sailors on their return after the victory over Pisa. During the storm, several barrels in the hold were smashed, as a result olive oil and flour made of chickpea mixed with sea water. Since there was nothing to eat, the sailors tried to dry the resulting mixture in the sun - as it turned out, the dish had an outstanding taste, and therefore it was even nicknamed "the gold of Pisa".

No less popular in Genoa is focaccia bread, which includes many ingredients at the discretion of the culinary experts (cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.). Often in the menus of traditional cuisine establishments there is a special kind of ravioli - "pansotti", which is served with a filling of vegetables and spices.

Fans of fish dishes will be delighted with the abundance of interesting options for preparing fish that are not practiced in other cities in Italy. The national dish - fried cod, is loved by everyone and once you get to the port, you simply cannot pass it by. The city has many pizzerias and cozy coffee houses where tourists love to dine. The most famous pizzeria is Tristano e Isotta, located in the historic center, close to the city's main attractions.

Outdoor activities

You can significantly diversify your vacation and make it more intense, using the opportunities for active entertainment. Not far from the old harbor is the Genoese Aquarium - the largest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The aquarium presents the aquatic world of different parts of the world, and tourists here have the opportunity to observe fish, invertebrates, amphibians in their natural habitat - among corals, sand, algae and mangroves. Spectacular shows are held here every day, which will appeal to adults and children.

It is also worth visiting the Orto botanico botanical garden - here you will be presented with an extensive collection of exotic plants (mostly medicinal) and flowers. Popular activities include coastal tours, as well as kayaking and rafting. Diving enthusiasts should also like Genoa - the underwater world is diverse and represented not only by fish, but also by rich marine life and underwater sculptures.

A good way to get extreme sensations is riding a zipline, such services are offered by the Parco Avventura Pegli Adventure Park and the Parco Avventura Righi City Park. For those who wish to find a sense of serenity and tranquility, we recommend horseback riding - for this, the equestrian center Societa Ippica del Bardigiano is intended.

For families with children, you should choose Luna Park Genova (the largest amusement park in Europe) and the Al Parko dei Dinosauri theme park dedicated to dinosaurs. Hikers can head to the Old Port area for picturesque seascapes from the embankment - even late at night it is always crowded.


The largest marinas in Genoa are the Antique Port with 280 berths for yachts up to 55 m in length and Molo Vecchio with 150 berths for boats up to 150 m in length in Porto Vecchio. The yachting infrastructure in the city is well developed, and the rugged coastline with numerous coves and bays is very picturesque. An abundance of sunny days and occasional rainfall make Genoa an excellent yachting destination. On the Ligurian coast, it will not be difficult to find a marina where your yacht will be serviced and prepared for sailing.

If you are interested in buying or yacht charter in Italy - feel free to contact us, 2yachts specialists will allow you avoid unnecessary expenses and unforeseen situations. We wish you to choose a yacht that best suits your requirements and expectations!