Yachting in the vicinity of the island of Capri
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Yachting in the vicinity of the island of Capri

The island of Capri, located in the south of the Gulf of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the symbols of Italy. Here travelers are presented with curious natural attractions and numerous historical monuments.

It is known that the first settlements arose on the island during the Paleolithic period. In the later periods of history, Capri was colonized by the Phoenicians, and later by the Greeks, from the end of the 4th century BC. the Roman period begins. In the 1st century BC. the island belonging to the Neapolitans was exchanged by the emperor Augustus for the island of Ischia. From the second half of the 19th, Capri has become a popular holiday destination among European writers and artists.

Today, the island of Capri is one of the most prestigious and expensive holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Thousands of tourists come here every year not only to enjoy the impressive landscape and natural beauty, but also to see famous people - the island is popular with celebrities and paparazzi who haunt them.

There are 2 cities on Capri: Capri and Anacapri. In the lively capital of Capri, there is the only port on the island, Marina Grande, and Anacapri is known for the fact that the writer M. Gorky, and later I. Bunin, lived and worked here at one time.

Places of interest

Since the island has been popular since ancient times, many historical and cultural attractions are concentrated here. Among them, specialists 2yachts recommend to visit:

  • ruins of the Naval Palace of Emperor Augustus (Palazzo al Mare);
  • Baths of Tiberius (Bagni di Tiberio);
  • Castiglione Castle, currently listed for sale by several estate agents;
  • Villa of Jupiter (the largest of the 12 built by Emperor Tiberius) well conveys the beauty of Roman architecture of the 1st century;
  • Phoenician stairs (6-7 centuries BC), almost 2 km long;
  • 17th-18th century Baroque church of San Michele

The stunning views of Capri will appeal to all travelers, while cozy colorful houses, antique ruins and lush Mediterranean surroundings add to the overall picture.

Azzurra Cave (or Blue Grotto)

A chain of beautiful caves that create amazing acoustics and amazing blue water. There are always a lot of people who want to see this miracle of nature - huge queues accumulate at the entrance to the cave.


The central square of Capri is considered one of the most elegant in the world, and connoisseurs of beauty from different countries come here to look at it. The city's party and nightlife is concentrated around Piazzetta - most of the fashion boutiques of world brands, nightclubs and restaurants are located here. Hollywood stars are happy to show off their outfits here and you can easily meet a famous person, for example, in one of the local cafes.

Garden of Augusto

An incredibly beautiful park, built in the form of terraces overlooking the sea, provides an opportunity to admire the most interesting flora of the island. The garden offers panoramic views of the island, including the Faraglioni Cliffs, Mount Solaro and Marina Piccola Beach.

Monastery-Fortress of San Giacomo

This is one of the oldest buildings on the island. Monastery 14 has preserved its Baroque frescoes and often hosts exhibitions and other cultural events. At 16, the monastery suffered from pirate raids, later it was restored, and after the capture by the French it was used as a hospital and barracks (until 1898 - as a military prison). Since 1927, a large-scale restoration was carried out, during which the monastery was returned to the majestic appearance of the 12th century.

Mount Solaro

Mount Solaro (the highest point of the island) is the most panoramic point on the map of Capri, offering views of the bay, the Faraglioni cliffs (which are inhabited by rare blue lizards that live exclusively in these places) and Sorrento. From here you can see not only the entire Gulf of Naples and the neighboring island of Ischia, but on clear days you can even discern the Gulf of Salerno. You can climb to the top by lift from Anacapri, and descend along the trail on foot.

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is one of the main attractions of Anacapri. Built by the personal physician of the Swedish queen and writer A. Munte, the house is surrounded by a picturesque garden. Among the most interesting artifacts that can be seen on the territory of the villa are a marble bust of Emperor Tiberius, as well as Roman statues and frescoes.

Marina Grande

The bay of Marina Grande on the northern coast is the place from which the acquaintance with the island begins (it is in this harbor that ships arrive from Naples and excursion boats to the Blue Grotto start from here). There is a port of the same name, a market and the largest beach on the island. The ancient fishing port was fortified and improved during the reign of Tiberius, taking over from Marina Piccola. Today, the port has a developed tourist infrastructure, and the presence of a beach just a few meters from the pier is a significant plus.

Marina Piccola

In the cliff-sided Marina Piccola Bay in the south of the island there are no winds. Therefore, it is constantly warm here, and you can sunbathe even in winter. The bay is home to the beaches of Marina di Pennauro and Marina di Mulo.

Cape Karena Lighthouse

The lighthouse built in 1867 illuminates the rocky bay of Karen. Il Faro, as the people of Capri call it, is a popular beach where vacationers dive into the water right from the rocky cliffs. The Punta Carena lighthouse is the oldest in Italy, and in terms of brightness it ranks second after the Lanterna lighthouse in the port of Genoa.

Outdoor activities

Fans of active pastime can do not only beach vacations or yachting on Capri, but also scuba diving. The development of diving here is promoted by clear clear water and an abundance of underwater grottoes, as well as sunken ships. Boat trips are a popular entertainment on the island - apart from the Blue Grotto, there are also many noteworthy caves accessible only from the sea.

You can also devote a significant part of your time to exploring natural attractions, because the island has many attractive nature reserves and park areas (for example, a park with a "telling" name - Parco Filosofico). Fishing tours are offered by Capriexcursions and Ciro Capri Boats, while hikers should contact the professionals of Nesea Capri.


The island's cuisine is based on seafood, tomatoes and olive oil. Famous cheeses (such as mozzarella) are produced here, and lemons growing on the island make limoncello - the second most popular drink in Italy. It is noteworthy that the Campania region, in which Capri is located, is the birthplace of pizza.


The local climate is mild, it rains mainly in winter. The weather all year round is warm and pleasant. A light breeze from the Tyrrhenian Sea balances the heat in summer.

Due to the high popularity of the island, the only marina on Capri is always crowded in summer and you can moor a yacht in it only after pre-booking a place. But near the coast there are enough places where you can anchor.

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