Italy. Yachting in the Aeolian (Aeolian) Islands
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Italy. Yachting in the Aeolian (Aeolian) Islands

The Aeolian Islands archipelago is located in the southern part of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is famous, first of all, for the active volcano Stromboli. Due to the volcanic phenomena on land and at sea they are also called the "Land of Volcanoes". For tourists, the archipelago can offer a clear sea with a rich underwater world, sea cliffs, magnificent beaches and many archaeological and cultural sites to explore.

Today tourism is the main source of income for the population of the islands, the most visited of which are Lipari, Panarea and Salina. Every year the Aeolian Islands are visited by over 200 thousand tourists, mainly Italians who know how to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the sea.

Places of interest

The Aeolian Islands are distinguished by their picturesque views and are known primarily for their natural attractions. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, each of the islands is interesting in its own way - geologists and volcanologists will find here a lot of new and unusual things, deep sea explorers will love the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Sea, while beach lovers will appreciate the unique black and white sand beaches.


The best place to start your journey is Lipari, the largest and most densely populated island in the archipelago. There are only 5 cities here, united by a scenic road that runs along the coast. The island has preserved traces of the periods of Greek, Roman and Norman rule. Of interest are the Archaeological Museum, located in the Lipari Castle of the 16th century, the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, the ruins of the Greek acropolis and the cathedral.

On a yacht trip you can visit the most beautiful bays and cozy beaches of the island.


It is a small island with a port, several restaurants and unusual black sand beaches. There are mud baths with mud springs, spas and beautiful beaches. Tourists get a unique experience from the ascent on foot to the top of the crater of an extinct volcano, from where the coast of mainland Italy can be seen in clear weather.


Stromboli is the most mystical of the Aeolian Islands, the dark cone of the volcano which ominously rises above the sea and glows at night during eruptions. Be sure to visit the town of San Vincenzo - yachts and other ships dock here. From the water you can view rocky coves and visit the local black sand beaches.


Salina Island is covered with dense vegetation and is perfect for leisurely walks and secluded relaxation. The island's beaches are rocky and not popular with tourists. It is worth to see the salt lake Lingua at Cape Punta Lingua, used for salt mining, and do not miss the opportunity to climb the old extinct volcano, from the height of which there are wonderful views of the archipelago. Among the man-made monuments, it is worth mentioning the acropolis, the ruins of Roman villas and the 17th century Madonna del Terzito temple.


The picturesque island of Panarea is popular with naturalists due to the wide variety of vegetation that grows here. Famous tourist attraction is the remains of sunken ships, and traces of the Mycenaean civilization have also been found on the island. The historical museum with exhibits from the Bronze Age is of interest.

The island has thermal springs and excellent beaches. In recent years, the island has been popular with the golden youth of Italy. One of the beautiful swimming and snorkeling spots is the underwater hot springs at Lisca Bianca cliff. Since most of the island's beaches are difficult to reach on foot, yacht owners have an advantage over other tourists.


The climate in the archipelago is mild, Mediterranean, with little rainfall and a sufficient number of sunny days. Not so hot in summer thanks to the constantly blowing sea breezes. In winter, the air temperature does not drop below +10 ° C. The best time to visit the islands is in spring, when they are filled with vibrant colors of the awakening Mediterranean vegetation.

Outdoor activities

The Aeolian Islands are an ideal place to spend your holidays away from noisy metropolitan areas, with untouched nature and clear sea. Fans of outdoor activities have the opportunity to climb volcanoes - certainly accompanied by a guide and as part of a tourist group. Visiting the crater of the Stromboli volcano, you can see the explosions of fire and lava up close. And after the ascent, you can relax, strolling along the streets of San Bartolo and San Vincenzo and trying national dishes in local restaurants.

On the island of Vulcano, travelers can take hydrogen sulfide mud baths, which have a healing effect on the human body. You can also go on a fascinating excursion to the ancient baths of San Calogero on the island of Lipari - their construction dates back to the 17th century BC. And sailing along the rocky coast on a yacht, you can see hidden coves, caves and other attractions, as well as visit small cozy villages.

In addition, the islands have conditions for diving and snorkeling. The active diving season lasts from June to October. Divers like to dive near the Strombolicchio cliff - the water here is clear, and the rock walls are visible several tens of meters in depth. On the island of Ustica, international diving competitions are held annually, it was possible to preserve its unique underwater world thanks to the establishment of a protected area here in 1986. In addition to underwater inhabitants (such as sea bass, sea carp, barracuda, etc. .), divers are attracted here by sunken ships.


Having visited the Aeolian Islands, do not forget about gastronomic tourism - the cuisine here is excellent, as in other regions of Italy. One of the characteristic features of the local cuisine is the addition of herbs to most dishes. The local cuisine is based on fish and seafood, which are consumed in various forms. You should definitely try the island delicacies - swordfish and aromatic capers. Also, among the popular dishes and drinks, it is worth mentioning alla-strombolana spaghetti, mulchaneddi kini cutlets and the legendary sweet wine Malvasia, which is produced only here.

Aeolian Islands is one of the best places in Italy for extreme tourism, yachting and diving. Traveling through the archipelago, you will discover the beauty of the underwater world, unidentified caves, wrecks and breathtaking landscapes. And on foot, you will have the opportunity to look into the craters of volcanoes and get acquainted with the ancient culture of building from volcanic material.

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