Best Regions in Italy for Yacht Charter
Denis Korablev
  • 09.09.2020
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Best Regions in Italy for Yacht Charter

Depending on the geographical location, density and quality of natural and cultural attractions and other factors, there are a number of regions in Italy that are most suitable for travel with chartered yachts.


The Ligurian coast from Tuscany to the French Riviera seems to be a favorable region for a comfortable holiday. Thanks to the calm waters at any time of the year, yachtsmen here get the opportunity to practice classic, expensive yachting. In the summer, the westerly and sometimes the southwestern Libeccio wind can cause inconvenience, which can blow for 4 days and gain strength of 8 points.

During the winter periods in Liguria, the world-famous north-western wind "Tramontana", reaching a storm force, may appear. When traveling on a yacht, you must always remember that in any region the sea can throw surprises. Therefore, one must be vigilant both in Liguria and in other seas off the coast of Italy. The main harbors where you can rent a yacht are Genoa and Livorno.


The most expensive Italian marinas are located in this region. A distinctive feature of Venice is that it is not uncommon for yacht for rent to be rented here, in addition to yachtsmen, also by ordinary tourists. Traveling on a yacht in the northeastern part of Italy, you can get acquainted with numerous coastal attractions, luxurious restaurants and chic marinas. The most popular marinas for yacht charter are Venice and Ravenna. Equally impressive in terms of service and hospitality is the port of Koper in neighboring Slovenia, which is also highly recommended to visit.


This is one of the most unique and most diverse regions in Italy and throughout Europe. The density of architectural and other attractions is so high here that, no doubt, more than one vacation can be devoted to exploring Sicily. First, it is worth visiting the volcanoes - Etna, Vesuvius, Vulcano, Stromboli and others. Then it is worth going to the Strait of Messina, sung in the classic poem "The Odyssey".

The Aeolian Islands are worth visiting for their local museums, old narrow streets, excursions to volcanoes, gambling fishing and national cuisine, the main character of which is fish caught in local waters. Here you can visit such legendary cities as Messina, Syracuse, Palermo and others.

Experienced yachtsmen can be advised to go to the most remote island of Sicily - Pantelleria, where you can pamper yourself with hot mineral water baths, sweet dessert wine, taste local pizza and enjoy fishing. It should be remembered that the number of parking spaces in Pantelleria is not that great, therefore parking must be planned and booked in advance. And the waves in this place of the Mediterranean can reach impressive sizes, and stormy weather can force you to stay on the island for a long time.

Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago

The central island of the Tuscan archipelago is the island of Elba, famous as a place of exile for the Emperor Napoleon. Elba is the most beautiful Italian island and boasts numerous picturesque sandy beaches, specialized museums and architectural and historical attractions.

A feature of yachting here is the ability to make small and comfortable transitions from island to island. Thanks to this, here you can rent a yacht at any time of the year and even in winter, in good weather, you can organize a leisurely trip along the islands of the archipelago, in which you can gain experience in yacht management and improve your sailing skills.

Neighboring Corsica is a French territory worth visiting in order to get to know the character of the locals and taste the national cuisine. There are weak winds here in summer. But, as in the Ligurian Sea, sometimes Mistral gusts blow from the French Riviera. In winter, strong winds are frequent, often storms come from mainland Italy. Tuscany is the region with the highest yacht density and regattas are organized here throughout the year, and aspiring yachtsmen can always study at local yachting schools. The most popular ports for yacht charter are Piombino, Ostia, Punta Ala, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and others.

Campania Islands

In the vicinity of Naples in the Campania region there are many places popular with yachting enthusiasts. The outskirts of the capital of southern Italy are well suited for relaxing family vacations, and here you can visit world famous places for a relatively small amount. In summer, all marinas are filled with yachts, and in autumn and winter there are many free places and there are no crowds of tourists. Amalfi is well worth a visit for its breathtaking scenery and secluded anchorages. Some of the lowest prices for yacht charter can be found in the port of Ischia, where tourists will find many museums to visit and learn about local legends. The islands of Ventotene and Ponsa are also heavily loaded with yachts, the main attractions of which are numerous restaurants with gourmet fish and seafood, medieval fortresses, museums and souvenir shops. Storms are rare here, and during the day, for the most part, they produce moderate winds. The most popular ports for yacht charter are Naples and Agropoli.


Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with its capital in the city of Cagliari. Yachtsmen are attracted by scenic views, a large number of cozy bays and areas of wild, untouched nature. If you move away from popular beaches, then even in the midst of the tourist season, you can unexpectedly find yourself all alone.

The water here is surprisingly clear and on the shallows it may seem that the ship is simply hovering over the bottom. The unique La Maddalena archipelago and the islands of Caprera and Tavolara are definitely worth a visit. In the region, at times, sirocco can blow - a strong hot wind that can pick up the strength of a storm. The northwest coast can be blown by the mistral blowing from the side of the Ligurian Sea. Rather dangerous coastal underwater currents flow along the southern and northern coasts of the island.

Italy's Adriatic coast is not so popular among yachtsmen, but it is where the best sandy beaches are located. The best way to get here is from the other side of the Adriatic Sea - from Montenegro or Croatia. It is most convenient to rent a yacht in Porto Cervo, Porto Pollo in the north of the island, or in Capitana and Cagliari in the south. We hope that you will have an unforgettable time in sunny Italy, despite the occasional weather whims.

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