New Year on a yacht
Denis Korablev
  • 08.09.2020
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New Year on a yacht

It is unusual to celebrate the New Year - the dream of many travelers and tourists, and every year some of them decide to celebrate the main holiday of the year abroad, including on a yacht. Many people strive to celebrate the New Year at the resorts of warm countries, but at the same time, for this money you can meet it on a yacht, anywhere and in any climate.

Celebrating the New Year on a yacht is interesting, fun and original, while you are not tied to one place and can significantly diversify your vacation, resting along the way and learning a lot of new things. The advantages of such a holiday: the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in an unusual and exciting way, the freedom to choose dishes of your preferred cuisine, the opportunity to get many new experiences and to combine the celebration with swimming and excursions to interesting places.

The last month before the New Year is especially stressful for many, when people strive to complete everything unfinished, pay off debts and fulfill their promises. And New Years are a great way to unwind, restore your resources and relieve your head by filling it with a fresh sea breeze. There is no better way to escape from the routine and everyday problems than to moor and head to uncharted shores.

Most popular winter yachting destinations

If you are planning to rent a boat for the New Year, you should take into account that due to the high demand for yacht rental during winter it is necessary to book the yacht in advance from the end of summer. The shortage of yachts is especially acute in regions with a significant flow of tourists, where their own fleet is insignificant, for example, in the Canary Islands or in Thailand.

Another important point is the possible shortage of skippers, so it's better not to delay the rental. Traveling on a yacht along unfamiliar shores can bring a lot of pleasure and new impressions, but do not forget that not all regions are suitable for this type of vacation. Before choosing, it is worth studying the features of a particular direction, each region requires separate consideration.

Of the most suitable places for a winter vacation on a yacht stand out:

  • Madeira;
  • Canary Islands;
  • Bahamas;
  • Phuket;
  • Miami;
  • Sydney;
  • Islands of the Maldives;
  • Saint Barthélemy;
  • Seychelles.


Madeira is an island famous for its fortified wine, natural beauty, hospitable population, etc. ... ... spectacular fireworks for the New Year. The area is warm even at the end of December, so a yacht trip is a great way to get to know these beautiful islands. Holidays are celebrated here throughout December, but on New Year's Eve or on the night of St. Sylvester, festivities become massive. At this time, a festive atmosphere reigns here, local residents take tables directly to the street, folk festivals take place everywhere. The culmination of the New Year celebrations is one of the largest and most unique fireworks in the world - Funchal, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest pyrotechnic show on the planet.

In addition, during the New Year holidays, a carnival is held here, which is considered the prototype of the famous festivities in Rio. The grand celebration ends on January 7, and then yachtsmen can safely walk along the picturesque coastline, tasting local wines and seafood in the coastal establishments, as well as, on occasion, wander into the 9-kilometer beach of Porto Santo, the best in Portugal.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, located almost at the equator, are the warmest of all European New Year yachting destinations. The program of mass festivities on each island is different, but the main event that marks the beginning of the New Year is a large-scale fireworks, which is best watched from the coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A stunning extravaganza accompanied by a party on the water, which is organized by yachtsmen, organizing real discos in local harbors. After taking a walk at the festive events, you can go along the islands of the archipelago to explore the unique landscape, observe the diverse fauna and enjoy the benefits of the developed infrastructure.


The Bahama is one of the quietest places to spend New Year's holidays. You can safely go here with family or friends, because on the islands you can spend time relaxed in a relaxed Bahamian atmosphere and at the same time explore local traditions.

On New Year's Eve, a masquerade is held here, colorful fireworks and a large variety of shows are held. The culmination of the New Year's celebrations is the Junkanoo Festival, which rivals the famous Brazilian Carnival in its beauty and expressiveness.


Phuket Island is the largest in Thailand and can rightfully be considered the venue for the best New Year's beach parties in Asia. Plus, the cost of renting a yacht here is not as high as in most European countries.

Here yachtsmen can find many comfortable marinas, in each of which the New Year is celebrated in its own way. You can anchor near your chosen resort for beach discos, watch fire shows and join the culinary action. Lots of cozy beaches and restaurants with a variety of traditional South Thai cuisine will contribute to a relaxing and fulfilling holiday in this exotic location.


The capital of Florida, Miami, is transforming on New Year's Eve, attracting crowds of vacationers with colorful fireworks, concerts and numerous shows. On these days, you can watch the festive events from the water or from one of the many modern marinas located nearby, walk in the open air, try national cuisine in the many establishments of the city or stroll leisurely along the embankment, richly decorated in those days.


The famous Rolex Sydney to Hobart regatta, organized by the Australian Cruising Yacht Club, is held in Sydney, Australia, on New Year's Eve. More than a hundred ships take part in this event every year, and over 400 thousand spectators watch the start of the ocean regatta. The New Year's fire show with numerous fireworks in Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It is best to observe it from the embankment, from the Harbor Bridge or from the side of your ship.

After participating in the festive events, we advise you to take a yacht to the world's largest Great Barrier Reef, as well as take a look at the popular resorts of the Gold Coast of Australia.


The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, is recognized as the largest coral state and is famous, first of all, for its rich underwater world. Both yachting and diving are popular here. Spend the New Year in the Maldives in the most exotic setting, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, diving clubs and first-class resort infrastructure.

On a yacht, you can visit the archipelago's prominent sites, as well as a lavish New Year's Eve party at the stylish W Maldives resort. During the New Year, each Maldives island has entertainment, concerts, beach discos and special events on board. The incredible beauty of the place can be seen, making unhurried transitions near the many atolls.

Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthélemy, or "the island of millionaires", on New Year's Eve turns into a center of attraction for celebrities and wealthy people. On the eve of the New Year, a race around the island is held here, in which many sailing yachts participate. Exotic parties are organized on board the world's largest yachts, and a light show is organized in the harbor, combined with the bright festive illumination of the city. After the New Year's celebrations, you can visit a great place for diving - about. Tintamarre, as well as Anguilla - this island can rightfully be called the culinary capital of the Caribbean.

Also recommended to visit are the luxurious white beaches of the islands of Barbuda and Antigua, elite indoor clubs and magnificent dive sites with vibrant underwater life.


The Seychelles, located close to the equator, have a developed infrastructure, concentrated mainly in the coastal zone. The islands of Praslin and Mahe are popular among yachtsmen. You can organize a New Year's celebration right on board the yacht, going on short trips along the many coral islands.

If you are interested in yacht rental price on New Year's holidays - our specialists will provide you with all the necessary information. We can guarantee you the selection of the most advantageous offers on the yacht market and competent support at all stages of renting or purchasing a vessel.