Changes in the conditions of yacht rental companies in connection with the onset of the coronavirus
Denis Korablev
  • 09.03.2020
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Changes in the conditions of yacht rental companies in connection with the onset of the coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic could not but affect the tourism industry - more and more travelers refuse tours to those countries in which a high incidence is recorded. Inflated information about the disease contributes to the growth of panic, but the WHO does not officially panic, but urges tourists to limit themselves to observance of usual precautions, for example - flying in airplanes wearing masks or washing their hands more often with soap and water. Travel agencies say that now is the best time for tourists with a thin wallet who are not afraid of the insidious virus. Especially advantageous offers can be seen on Asian destinations.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in China has led to the organizers of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race having serious problems with organizing the event - it was temporarily decided to park the fleet in the Philippines, but it is not clear where to go next before leaving for the United States via Pacific Ocean.

Yachting events in Asia - Japan International Boat Show and Hong International Boat Show, have been canceled, and Taiwan International Boat Show, Korea International Boat Show and China Shanghai International Boat Show - have been postponed.

Also moved from spring to autumn 2020 Dubai International Yacht Show (DIBS) due to the fact that many of the participants will not be able to reach the UAE due to the imposed travel restrictions in their countries. However, this has its plus - the largest yacht marina in the region (Dubai Harbor with 1,100 berths for ships up to 160 meters long) will be completed by October near the famous islands of Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters, where the exhibition will take place.

The reaction of wealthy people to the spread of the coronavirus around the world was, among other things, the booking of private yachts as an alternative to regular flights in business class, along with hundreds of potentially infected passengers. A superyacht of 150 feet or more can be a great hiding place for a businessman, as well as a home bunker on the shore.

Flexible yacht charter conditions

Due to the fact that today there is a high risk of quarantine in resort areas and a sudden cessation of air traffic between countries with the cancellation of holidays for this reason, the companies for yacht charter try to meet the needs of yachtsmen and adjust their conditions for the greater convenience of the clients. So, for example, the Italian company Spartivento Charter (Reggio di Calabria), in the event that unforeseen circumstances (blocking state borders, a ban on visiting certain areas or risks announced by the Ministry of Health) prevent the client from reaching the rental point of the vessel, will offer him to get “ voucher ”for an amount similar to that paid for the service. Thus, the yachtsman will have the opportunity to take advantage of the rental next week.

Croatian Inter-Yachting has similar conditions - the company provides customers with the opportunity to use the service on other, later dates, when the vessel is free, however, it does not return the amount paid for the lease.

Greek IonionSails allows you to cancel a trip by water 30 days before departure, without imposing penalties and fines, the trip can be rescheduled to other dates this or next season. The Italian company Cruising Charter Sardinia gives no more than 15 days to cancel the application - in case of coronavirus, it will be possible to return the money paid or postpone the date of dispatch.

In turn, the Greek company Hermes Yachting Team allows its clients to transfer the charter date to another vessel at will, paying the difference in cost if necessary.

Croatia Yachting (Croatia) offers its clients to pay 10% of the rental price, then pay 40% of the cost 60 days before boarding the vessel and 50% - 30 days before boarding. But the international company Pantaenius includes in the cost of insurance when renting a yacht the possibility of canceling the order of the service, and as the amount of insurance increases, the amount of the service that can be canceled increases.

Customers of Kiriacoulis Mediterranean (Greece) may take advantage of the date change cancellation option if they plan to travel in 2020 and in the same region. You can also cancel the order and use the money invested for travel in 2021 in the same region.

Yacht travel is the best way to relax during the coronavirus

It is becoming clear that many yacht rental companies are trying in their own way to solve the problem of disrupting holidays due to the onset of the coronavirus. As a result, in most cases, if you book a yacht, but do not use the boat, the trip will be postponed to a later date without losing money. More detailed information about the peculiarities of yacht leasing during quarantine measures can be found here.

However, if you think about it, while traveling on a yacht you are in contact with much fewer people than relaxing on the beach or just spending time in a hotel. Therefore, a vacation at sea can be much safer than staying at the resorts.

When planning to buy or rent a yacht, you should pay attention to the offers of reliable yacht brokers - experienced specialists will easily select for you the freshest and most profitable offers on the yacht market, and, if necessary, will provide professional assistance at all stages of vessel acquisition. In order not to overpay for a yacht or service, find out all the details of the current situation in the region, compare prices and analyze offers from different sellers. Surely you will be able to save money, just do not rush to purchase a vessel, because over time, the cost of yachts only decreases.