Features of yachting on the Moscow Region reservoirs
Denis Korablev
  • 14.09.2020
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Features of yachting on the Moscow Region reservoirs

The popularity of rest on yachts in the Moscow region is gradually increasing. The reason for this, apparently, is the economic considerations of Russians and Muscovites in particular, as well as noticeable climatic changes in recent decades. Therefore, many of the yachtsmen, who are accustomed to surf the expanses of the comfortable Mediterranean, increasingly decide to look at the reservoirs of the Moscow Region, even though the European infrastructure is more developed.

Walks along the Moscow Region reservoirs are popular mainly among Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital due to the abundant vegetation, fresh air and the opportunity to stay in one of the cozy bays or on one of the islands for organizing fishing.

Among the advantages of the Moscow Region water areas, it should be noted: the proximity of water, ease of management and the possibility of combining tourism with sports. The yachts used on the reservoirs near Moscow are noticeably smaller than those on which they travel in Italy, Greece or Turkey. In the inland waters of Russia yachts larger than 9 m are rarely operated, which is explained by the shallow depth of our reservoirs and the height of the spans under bridges and power lines. On a small yacht, you can maneuver and moor more often without spending too much effort. Also, in the waters near Moscow, you can choose the type of entertainment every day - travel or sports.

Of interest for yachtsmen are mainly the picturesque reservoirs included in the Moscow Canal system:

  • Khimki;
  • Klyazminskoe, including the famous Pirogovsky sleeve;
  • Pyalovskoe;
  • Uchinskoe;
  • Pestovskoe;
  • Ikshinskoye Reservoir

Most of the yacht clubs of the Moscow region are located on these reservoirs. Walnut Bay, the most popular among yachtsmen, is home to the Windy Bay, Walnut Bay, Gloria, Wind Power, Windy Bay YC, Sailing Academy and the Free Flotilla sailing club ". This place is known as "Pirogovsky reach" and local clubs are focused on teaching yachting and sailing, as well as windsurfing. There are all conditions for a relaxed time, acquaintance with excellent cuisine and an overnight stay. For fishing, you can immediately rent all the necessary equipment. Keep in mind that the intensity of traffic on many of the lakes near Moscow during the season can be very high, jet skis rush past every now and then, white boats cut through the water surface, weddings are played on motor ships, and vacationers ride a banana.

According to experienced yachtsmen 2yachts, for tourism you can choose the Istra Reservoir. recreation "Bay of Joy" or Ivankovskoe Reservoir, on the banks of which you can pick berries and mushrooms, walk through the pristine forest and breathe the cleanest air. In the "Bay of Joy" you are greeted by high wooded banks with unforgettable views of the reservoir. There is a cafe and a beach, as well as many sports grounds. Note that walking along the Pirogovsky branch is prohibited at night. On the bank of the Pirogov reservoir there is a centuries-old village - the former village of Vitenevo, next to which there used to be the estate of the famous Russian writer M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin.

The magnificent landscapes of the Klyazminskoye Reservoir are combined with lots of great restaurants and fishing spots, thanks to which you can feel after your trip as if you were on a long vacation at sea!

For sports yachting, you should also choose the Klyazminskoye reservoir, which can rightfully be called the sailing sports capital of Russia. In the Moscow region, unlike the popular European resorts, you can postpone a yacht trip in adverse weather conditions. On holidays in other regions of the world popular for yachting in bad weather, you will have to settle in the port or travel against the waves and wind. The Klyazminskoye reservoir is calm all year round, and the waves are created only by motor boats, which make yacht trips a bit like sea trips.

On the bank of the Ikshinskoye reservoir, you can have a good rest in Solontsovo - the health and sports complex located here has a floating bath, as well as a wonderful restaurant. Located on the shore of the Pestovsky reservoir, the recreation site called "Solnechnaya Polyana" invites vacationers to visit a closed area with barbecue facilities and water attractions. The Pestovskoe reservoir is rich in fish due to the fact that the water level in it practically does not change throughout the year. There is also a recreational area called Khvoyny Bor, which is notable for its exciting fishing opportunities. Also in "Khvoyny Bor" you will find opportunities for family recreation and organization of corporate events: recreation in a summer cafe, in an equipped picnic area, on volleyball and football grounds and horseback riding in a pine forest.

Things to consider when renting a boat

Before planning a trip on a yacht across the waters of the Moscow Region, you need to take into account that you cannot rent a boat without a skipper here. To sail independently in the inland waters of Russia, you will either need to own a yacht or have a power of attorney for the ship. Also it is obligatory to have a certificate issued by the State Inspection Service. Therefore, deciding to relax with your family or alone on the Klyazminskoye or other reservoirs, rent a yacht with a captain and you can hit the road. In this case, you can choose the route yourself or ask an experienced captain to acquaint you with the peculiarities of the local waters.

The cost of yacht charter in Moscow starts from $ 100 and depends on the level of the yacht club, the size of the rented vessel and the duration of the trip. The most modern level of service will be offered to you in yacht clubs on the banks of the Klyazminsky Reservoir: Aurora, Burevestnik, Spartak, Neptune, Vodnik and Trud. When renting a yacht and planning a route, keep in mind that the water areas of Moscow, the Moscow region reservoirs and the Volga are separated by locks, which may take time to pass. For example, to get from the Moscow water area to the Moscow region (or vice versa), you will need to go through 3 locks and spend 4-6 hours on it.

If you are interested in yacht rental - you can always contact the managers of the 2yachts company to receive qualified advice and professional support at all stages of the selection and purchase / lease of a vessel.