Features of yachting in Tenerife
Denis Korablev
  • 15.03.2021
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Features of yachting in Tenerife

The island vacation can be called one of the most interesting and enjoyable, but often the catch is that getting to the selected island is quite long and troublesome. With the help of the service yacht charter in Spain provided by 2yachts, you will select the optimal route and time for a yacht trip to experience all the benefits of being in Tenerife.

The islands of Tenerife are one of those places that can make your vacation unforgettable. First of all, tours here are not very expensive, and you can relax in a relaxed way both alone and with the whole family.

As for attractions, tourists are primarily attracted by natural beauties and entertainment facilities.

Teide National Park

Teide Park occupies a fairly large territory, and it was formed around an active volcano, which does not prevent tourists from exploring the natural area, and even conquering the volcano itself.

On the one side of the volcano, the territory amazes with unusual volcanic landscapes that seem a little lifeless, on the other hand, nature amazes with the amazing richness of flora and fauna. It will take a lot of time, but the walk in the park is definitely worth the time.

Siam Park Water Park

This water park is considered one of the largest in Europe, and it is located in dense vegetation, so you will rest among the beauty of flowering tropical plants.

Local attractions differ in both height and level of extreme, respectively, not only children, but also adults can ride here.

Loro Parque

Previously, only parrots lived on this territory, as the name of the park itself says, but later it began to be replenished with other animals, and now you can admire many representatives of the animal world here, in particular: for penguins, sharks and dolphins.

As for the kids, there are various performances for them, so they definitely won't get bored here.

Botanical Garden

An amazing place that many people visit in order to take a break from the constant beach holiday. It is surprisingly quiet and calm, and in the midst of the alleys are hidden small benches and benches for rest, so you can find a secluded place and enjoy the beauty and smell of dense vegetation.

As for the plants, they are very diverse, and some specimens can surprise you with their appearance.

Separately, it should be said that Tenerife is an amazing place for surfing (and in its various types), and it is suitable not only for professionals, but also for beginners. You can go to a surf school and learn the sport in a couple of weeks, or you can rent a board on a selected beach and ride the waves with an instructor.

Holidays in Tenerife are calm and serenity, so young people may not be delighted with it, but there are plenty of opportunities for active recreation.

Village Mask

The tiny but extremely picturesque village of Masca, located in the heart of Teno National Park in the west of Tenerife, has only a few houses closely adjacent to the mountainside near the gorge.

The road to the village is narrow and winding, but until the 1960s there was not even a dirt road, and a few residents got out of their backwoods exclusively on foot, through ridges and gorges.

In the mountains lived the indigenous population of the island - the Guanches, who were engaged in hunting and farming. Cultivation of agricultural crops in Tenerife was and remains a very difficult activity, because although the volcanic soil is fertile, a lot of efforts must be made to cultivate it.

That there is only one arrangement of terraces on steep slopes, and in such a way that when watering, water from above seeps through the light soil to the lowest levels. The hard, completely non-mechanized work provided the local residents with a small income, even though three harvests a year were harvested here. Now authentic mountain villages are in decline, and in order to maintain them in some regions of the island, the authorities decided to organize national parks.

In addition, the village of Mask used to be famous for the production of silk clothing. And even today, you can buy handmade silk robes by visiting one of the souvenir shops. Of course, the price for them will differ from store products, but the quality of tailoring is worth it to overpay a little.

A rather popular hiking route begins in Mask, which runs along the gorge of the same name down to the ocean.

The landscapes in the mountain park "Anaga" resemble those of South Asia. It is here, at the end of the "spout" of the island, lifted up to the northeast, that the relict laurel and heather forests are perfectly preserved. It is noteworthy that they covered the territory of Western Europe before the ice age.

Clouds are frequent companions of this mountain range, and high humidity makes it possible to grow here huge vines, which densely cover the trunks, curved and twisted branches of tropical trees.

Los Gigantes

The majestic basalt cliffs of Los Gigantes in western Tenerife rise 400-500 meters above the sea. Their name translates as "Giants", and the adjacent resort town received a consonant name.

Cozy and quiet Los Gigantes welcomes guests all year round, this place will appeal to lovers of relaxation without fuss and noisy entertainment, who value comfort. Here you will not find five-star hotel skyscrapers, but you will be welcomed in snow-white guest houses, low-rise hotels and apartments located right on the mountain slopes.

The beach with fine volcanic black sand has brought fame to the resort. The grains that make up the mass of sand are products of the eruption of the active volcano Teide, which is the main attraction of the island. Bus excursions are organized to the foot of the volcano, and if you wish, you can climb to its top by funicular. You can also take a taxi or tour group to the pirate village of Masca, located 30 km from Los Gigantes.

Be sure to arrange a boat trip on an excursion boat from the port of Los Gigantes along the rocks, admire the island from the side, take pictures of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales. The yacht club located in the port organizes sea fishing or scuba diving for you. The lively harbor boulevard is full of welcoming restaurants and bars, and close by is a public seawater pool.

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