Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands (Trinity Day Islands) were named by Captain Cook in honor of Pentecost (Trinity Day), but the traveler was mistaken about the date - his ship was in this place a day earlier.

The Whitsunday Archipelago consists of 74 continental islands and is located off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. The shores of the islands are deposited and covered with dense pine forests. Most have national parks and, thanks to their virgin nature, golden-white sand beaches and clear warm waters, this holiday destination is one of the most popular in Australia.

In this article, 2yachts have collected the best sights worth seeing in this small but very beautiful archipelago.

Places of interest

All islands are unique in their own way: inhabited and uninhabited, deserted and covered with rain forests, with gentle and steep banks. At this time, they are all combined into a single Whitsunday Islands National Park. If we consider natural attractions, then magnificent coral reefs come out on top - some of the most beautiful on the planet. Therefore, these islands are a real paradise for diving and diving enthusiasts.

The biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef is enormous and includes over 1400 coral species, over 1600 fish species (this is one of the richest ecosystems in the world). There are also sea snakes, giant clams, sharks, rays, dolphins and whales. And on the beaches endangered species of turtles nest, found only in Australia. Recently, ecotourism has been developing on the islands, hotels have been built on many of them, and tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the local beauties during one-day excursions along the Whitsunday Strait, which separates the islands from the mainland coast.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven is located on Whitsunday Island (the largest in the archipelago) - it is one of the most recognizable beaches, if not in the country, then in the region. It is a 7-kilometer coastline with fine, unusually white quartz sand.

In the northern part of the beach, there is a bay that is sheltered from the winds for most of the year. From the nearby Tongue Point observation deck, you can watch the waves and sand mix at high tide to create incredibly beautiful patterns. Also on the beach there are all conditions for sailing and diving, and comfortable hotels offer services for every taste.

Daedrim Island

This island is the smallest in the Pacific archipelago. It houses the only hotel well suited for families with children. Situated in the northern end of the island, Daydream Island Resort has a wide variety of activities to offer, including lagoon-style pools, an outdoor aquarium with dozens of reef dwellers, restaurants and bars.

Whitsunday Islands National Park

The most beautiful natural park in the world includes 32 tropical islands. Popular activities in the park include reef diving, fishing and hiking. Perhaps your best holiday experience is climbing Whitsunday Peak, or the greatness of the reef can be enjoyed on a helicopter tour.

The island's wildlife diversity is impressive, and the best way to the park's ambiance is to go island hopping. At the National Park office, you can find out if it is possible to camp on one of the islands and what to take with you in advance on this hike.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton is the only island in the entire archipelago with a commercial airport. The island is the most inhabited and popular among tourists, for this reason it is filled with resorts and attractions. In addition to water sports, tourists are offered a wide range of entertainment: tennis, golf, bowling, restaurants, etc.

Driving is prohibited, but here tourists have the opportunity to rent vehicles (mainly bicycles). There is a modern yacht club. The island hosts many festivals, one of them - "Race Week", gathers more than 150 yachts from all regions of Australia and New Zealand.

Hook Island

Hook is the second largest island in the Whitsunday Pleiad and is a great spot for snorkeling and hiking. The island is uninhabited, but here you will find many trails laid along rocky shores, beaches and rainforest. On the south coast is Nara Bay, from where you can hike to the ancient Aboriginal caves. An underwater observatory is located on Hook Island, and ships with transparent bottom go on excursions from here.


The climate on the islands is subtropical, with excellent weather conditions throughout the year created by the trade winds. Average air temperature - 27.2 ° C, water warms up all year round to temperatures of 20-24 ° C. The rainy season lasts from January to March, during this period 60% of all precipitation falls.

Outdoor activities

Since Australia is recognized as one of the best diving places on the planet, all the necessary infrastructure has been created here for organizing extreme diving holidays. Those who wish can go on one-day cruises and multi-day "dive safari" with accommodation on the ship. The islands organize airplane and hang-gliding flights, sailing and whale watching.

During your yacht trip to the islands of the Whitsunday archipelago, you will have access to all kinds of water sports. Kayaking, snorkeling and SUP surfing are great ways to explore the spectacular coral beaches. Popular activities include snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, parasailing, scuba diving, volleyball, tennis and badminton.

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The Whitsunday Archipelago is an exotic location in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and one of the top diving destinations. Here you will find stunning beaches and family resorts. We wish you a wonderful stay!


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