Beaches and yachting in Bermuda
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Beaches and yachting in Bermuda

Bermuda includes 181 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located 900 km east of the coast of North America. They were discovered in 1505 by the Spanish navigator J. Bermudez, after whom they were later named. Bermuda is located on convenient sea and air routes. The main contribution to the economy of the state is made by tourism, and production is represented mostly by ship repair companies and boat manufacturing enterprises.

Bermuda is not as popular with tourists as other tropical islands and holiday destinations. Perhaps the reason for this is the terrible legends about planes and ships disappearing without a trace here. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, there are no dangerous plants and animals in Bermuda, and rest here is considered one of the safest in all The Caribbean. Today Bermuda is one of the most famous resorts in the Atlantic Ocean, offering vacationers a large selection of magnificent beaches, nature reserves and the best hotels.


The climate in Bermuda is subtropical and humid. The impact of the Gulf Stream helps to smooth out temperature fluctuations throughout the year and to mitigate the climate. In summer, the average temperature is + 26 ° C or more, while in winter it can drop to + 15 ° C. Although there is no rainy season in Bermuda, occasional tropical showers are possible. The warmest months from April to October are the most favorable periods for a vacation here.


United by bridges and overpasses, the 8 largest islands make up Main Island. Main Island has a hilly landscape and coastline indented by numerous coves. The islands are covered with lush tropical vegetation, which is represented mainly by bushes and exotic trees. Once the islands were covered with juniper and cedar forests, but due to economic activity, their areas have been greatly reduced. The flora is diverse and endemic in many respects, the most exotic plant is the bermudian flower. Hibiscus, Bermuda cedar, olive, oleander, bougainvillea, banana trees, pandanus, medlar and saw palmetto grow here. In addition to natural attractions, Bermuda has many museums, historical and other monuments.

The capital of the island state - the city of Hamilton, is built up with office buildings and shops. Here the traveler can be advised to visit Victoria Park - a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of the capital, built by the first settlers of the island of St. George 17th century St. Peter's Church, Palm Grove Botanical Garden, National Gallery with a collection of paintings by famous European artists 17th-19th centuries, Flatts Village Aquarium, Museum and Zoo and Crystal Caves with imposing stalactites and crystal clear underground water.

Located on a hilltop near the capital, Fort Hamilton is one of the archipelago's key attractions. It was originally created to protect against attacks from the sea. Now it offers magnificent panoramas of the harbor and the city. The luxurious Devil's Hole Natural Aquarium with reef fish and the Blue Hole Park are well known. The city of St. George is the historical center of the islands; tourists here will be interested in visiting the 18th century City Hall, Somers Gardens, St. David's 19th century lighthouse and the oldest church in the archipelago, St.Peters Church.

Island cuisine

Bermuda cuisine is based on the traditions of the Old World and American traditions. The influences of different cultures are mixed here, and the traveler should be pleasantly surprised by the variety of restaurants, because here you can find almost any cuisine in the world.

The Hamilton Harbor area is great not only for walking, but also for spending time in restaurants. Most establishments have fresh fish and seafood on their menus. Popular are shark soup, clam chowder, fried cod, sea bass fish soup, cod tarts and various seafood salads. Bermuda's traditional dish is cassava pie; a variety of fruits are usually served for dessert.

Active rest and entertainment

The main island hotspots are fine sand beaches, the best of which are West Vale Bay, Tobacco Bay, Jobsons Cove and Horseshoe Bay around Hamilton. There are more than 300 beaches on the islands, and they look especially beautiful from the side of the yacht.

Not far from Hamilton there is a large Elbow Beach with a developed infrastructure. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda's most visited beach, is horseshoe-shaped and popular with experienced divers. Tobacco Bay is surrounded by lush vegetation and well equipped, while for lovers of seclusion, Jobsons Cove Beach in Warwick County, fenced with fairly tall stones, is suitable. The very cozy Somerset Long Bay is well suited for families, and there are beautiful reefs near the Church Bay beach, which begin already 50 m from the coast.

In addition to beach activities, Bermuda offers opportunities for diving, spearfishing, surfing, water skiing, sport fishing, horse riding, golfing and nightlife. Great Sound and Little Sound are popular with windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts. coral reefs and shipwrecks located at relatively shallow depths are available for scuba divers. Church Bay has many great diving spots and is ideal for snorkelling. Numerous ships that have sunk near the coast of Bermuda are popular among divers, for example: "Catherine", "Keith", "Apolla", "Cerebus" and others.

Ecotourism is developed on the islands; in the process of excursions and walks, tourists have the opportunity to visit the famous crystal caves, national parks and reserves. Experts from all over the world come here to observe rare birds. Among the feathered inhabitants of the reserves there are waders, great egrets, belted kingfishers, etc. Also in Bermuda, beach parties, nightclubs and expensive restaurants are very popular.

Undoubtedly, tourists will be interested in visiting a variety of festivals and carnivals, some of which are world famous. Over half a million tourists visit the Self-Governing Overseas Territory each year, most of whom are Americans. Tourists are attracted here by coral reefs, beaches with unique pale pink sand, beautiful landscapes and a favorable climate. Sailing on a yacht past the shores with numerous coves, cliffs and stretches of sandy beaches, you can appreciate the beauty of Bermuda.

Using the facilities of a rented yacht, you can explore secluded beaches and coves, as well as visit lively centers to get acquainted with the local historical and architectural attractions. Unique tropical islands with comfortable hotels and restaurants are an attractive tourist destination, and with the new docks at Point Pleasant Marina they are even more attractive.

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