Ways to make money while traveling on a yacht
Denis Korablev
  • 22.12.2019
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Ways to make money while traveling on a yacht

Today, it is very popular to move away from traditional ways of earning to a simpler and more free life in travel and non-standard earnings ways. Many people quit their jobs, leave their homes to go on a trip - these are people with higher education, with professional interests who travel in relatively comfortable conditions.

Of course, if you are quick-witted, life on board can be turned into a business, which is a harmonious combination of work, personal life and everyday life.

But you can go the other way - get trained and become captain, for example, on rented yachts, which can be found here in huge quantities and for every taste. However, one should not harbor illusions - the work of the captain is hard, and the responsibility is great, and the duties will often include strict adherence to the orders of the client.

The first option is more attractive, because it allows you to become the master of your life and earn by selling. With the development of the teleworking industry, there is more choice than ever before to make money while traveling.

Examples of Successful Travelers

A popular way to make money remotely is vlogging - for example, on Youtube, some vlog owners have achieved significant success in this business, one example is the Sailing SV Delos channel, owned by 4 travelers, bringing in about $ 15,000 from one video. Another example is the Sailing La Vagabonde channel with 1.2 million subscribers, 1600 sponsors and generating $ 10-20,000 per video. The owners of Sailing La Vagabonde, Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, have been traveling for over 5 years and have already had a baby while staying on the ship.

Vlog earning opportunities are vast and can include posting videos, streaming (live broadcasts), filming documentaries, etc. This job will require you to know the video blogging tools and work hard every day to engage your internet audience. It should also be borne in mind that a lot of time will be spent on video editing.

It is possible that your professional skills will be needed in this job - if you are a lawyer, translator or designer, you can freelance. Many today are switching to remote work, saving money and time on travel to and from the office. As a rule, there is an opinion that the more free time a person has, the less he earns. But this is not the case, and many freelancers prove it by earning enough for a comfortable travel life.

Some of the freelance travelers confess that they get much more pleasure and satisfaction doing the same job, but remotely.

Another good example is Tasha and Ryan Hacker, who sold their business in 2015 and bought a cruising yacht called "Cheeky Monkey". They practice generating income through 3 main channels:

  1. Youtube bringing in $ 200-3000 per month;
  2. Copywriting - pay from $ 250 to $ 1000 per article;
  3. Income from investments made after the sale of their company.

For those who plan to make money using Youtube, Tasha advises to start creating video content only if you are really interested in this work - money will be a pleasant addition to the satisfaction of the video shooting process. After all, if you don't like sitting at the computer for hours, this activity will turn into a very difficult way to finance your trip.

Earnings on your yacht

The most common way to make money is to rent your yacht, for example, through resources such as 2yachts. But there are other ways, for example, Andy Schell from the USA and his wife Mia Karlsson from Sweden decided to create their business in such a way that it would be profitable and combined with their passion for the sea. They recruit a crew and charge their members for transitions and training on board their yacht, each season they draw up a transition calendar and publish it on their website. They decide themselves where to go in the next sailing season and a year they manage to cover about 10 thousand nautical miles in 10 crossings. The business suits their lifestyle, they earn money by doing what they love and lead a simple, moderate lifestyle. Earnings of a married couple have long gone beyond the original plan - 70 thousand dollars, and now a little less than 200 thousand dollars a year, and the budget for maintenance, insurance of the yacht and payment for parking is about 40 thousand dollars a year.

Creation of a full-fledged yachting business

The relationship between work and personal life is what should be of interest to those who are planning to move to the field of yachting from another area. The yachting industry is not the most profitable industry for small businesses, and over time, yachting threatens to turn into a routine. Therefore, experienced people advise everything to carefully plan and think. You will need to answer the questions: what new skills and knowledge will you need for this, in what direction will you develop? If there are no answers, it is better to continue yachting for yourself, to enjoy your travels.