Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler

  • United States
  • 100 Whaler Way Edgewater, 32141

company History

brand Story Boston Whaler began shortly before the founding of the company. In the mid 50-ies of the inventor and founder dick Fisher (Dick Fisher) drew attention to the new material - polyurethane foam - and came to the conclusion that it can be used in shipbuilding.

through trial and error, in 1956 was born the Boston Whaler 13, and in 1958 the company began production in Massachusetts. The boat aroused great interest among buyers. It was easy in comparison with similar competitors ' models are made of other materials. It is possible to install motors of lower power without loss in speed.

attracted a large capacity and status. In support of the latter in 1961, the famous American magazine Life published photos, like dick Fisher, being in the middle of the lake, sawing a boat in half. Contrary to expectations, both halves remained afloat, and the inventor was even able to get to shore using the aft with the motor.

Despite the fact that Boston Whaler has positioned their boats for recreational bodies of water for its products drew the attention of the naval forces of the United States and the coast guard. The boat was used extensively during the Vietnam war and rescue operations on rivers and lakes.

Since 1969 the company has changed three owners and suffered some financial setbacks, but "Boston whaler" proved that not only produces unsinkable boats, but he is not going to go down. In 1996 Boston Whaler was purchased by Brunswick Boat Group and is now making a significant contribution to the income of the Corporation.


Production area Boston Whaler is located in Edgewater, the state of Florida. The shipyard has standing orders from security agencies and has been producing boats for the ordinary consumers. All models are equipped with outboard motors, the company Mercury Marine, which is part of the Brunswick Boat Group.


the Company has been producing fiberglass >boats for fishing >with an outboard motor with a length of 3.4 to 13 meters. The range of the shipyard comprises 7 lines, which include about 40 models. Series Super Sport and Montauk are the small boats with a minimal set of features, some models come with a >Central console. >Bowrider Vantage different from the previous series increased comfort.

Model Dauntless and Outrage - >Fish & Ski boats, stand multitasking, suitable for fishing and recreation. A series of Realm includes >cabin cruise boats and all the necessary amenities. Line Conquest is mainly >cabin boat with hardtop and closed the cabin.


Boston Whaler is the only company in the world that uses technology Unibond. Its peculiarity lies in the casting of a hollow fiberglass hull with polyurethane foam. The result is a durable, unsinkable construction.

Yacht models


new from $ 189 265
new from $ 165 766
new from $ 211 522
new from $ 97 619
new from $ 46 817
new from $ 669 875
new from $ 93 272
new from $ 464 259
new from $ 382 618
new from $ 93 159
new from $ 59 836
new from $ 31 448
new from $ 460 104
new from $ 161 972
new from $ 332 775
new from $ 270 409
new from $ 690 555
new from $ 486 019
new from $ 17 064
new from $ 69 265
new from $ 120 407
new from $ 204 735
new from $ 818 230
new from $ 64 839
new from $ 22 472
Length 10.82 m 1 Cabin 14 Passengers
new from $ 602 536
new from $ 1 092 931
new from $ 650 590
new from $ 890 983
new from $ 205 492

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