7,29 m / 23,92 ft
2,59 m / 8,50 ft
0,36 m / 1,18 ft
341 liters

The 240 Dauntless has been in the Boston Whaler shipyard since 2014. Its fiberglass body is 7.52 meters long and 2.59 meters wide. The number of seats for passengers is 12, and the ship's carrying capacity is 1,361 kilograms. It has international CE (C) certification and is intended for exits within coastal waters.

The captain's post is located on the cockpit - it is equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, electronic displays and a soft seat for two people with a movable back. A hard roof is installed over it, equipped with mounts for fishing rods. On the starboard side there is an entrance to the bathroom, on both sides there are passages on the nose of the boat.

An angular sofa is installed on the bow pad, transforming into two sunbeds. Lockers for storing fishing rods, water skis and personal items are mounted in it. An armchair is installed next to it. There is a mount for a removable table that comes with the Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless.

The stern is equipped with a folding seat for several people, in which an aerator and two lockers are mounted, as well as a towing mount. On both sides there are metal railings and compact platforms for access to water, one of which is equipped with a ladder.

An outboard engine with a capacity of 250, 300, 350 hp is installed on the boat. Its cruising speed is 23 knots, and the maximum is 48 knots. The capacity of the fuel tank is 341 liters.

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