Company History

The Founder of the shipyard Fiart, Ruggero di Luggau (Ruggiero di Luggo), in childhood I dreamed of boats and drew them on anything that came to hand. Becoming a brilliant construction engineer, he has not left my childhood dreams and 1960 year built the first in Europe a boat made of fiberglass. Boat de, with a length of 3.6 m, attracted huge public interest and the envy of competitors.

"I thought that this invention will allow any Italian family to have a boat, same as the car — later recalled di Luggau. — It is light and durable boat is easy to transport, inexpensive. No longer an item of luxury, and something for all type Fiat 500. Cinquecento — to cross the city, Conchita — to cross the sea."

In 1961, Milan was conducted Maritime exhibition. Di Luggau brought four "Conchita", two of which were suspended from the ceiling vertically as place on its stand was running out.

"it was Strange to be among large companies, the famous shipyards and these masterpieces of mahogany with our little plastic shell with a strange Spanish name — told Di Luggau. — And yet it worked. People were interested and surprised, I knocked on the boat, as if testing its strength... Perhaps for the first time after the war, they believed that the boat — it is an achievable desire. In the first year we received 60 orders".

So was born the company Fiart Mare. The founder of the business was 34 years, his shipyard he was the head for over 50 years. Over the years, Fiart produced more than 130 different models. Currently, the company came under the management of children di Leggo and builds yachts, not like "Conchita".

Status shipyard



The Production base is located in Fiart Baja on the shore Bay of Naples and constitute more than 50 thousand square meters, including open and closed platforms as well as testing tank. The shipyard has offices in Spain, France, Croatia, Turkey and Israel.


Fiart produces >a fast sport yachts open length from 33 to 60 feet. Some models are equipped with drive pinch screws.


Fiart offers the customers yachts like no others. The curved top profile of the bow and unusual exterior details are evident even at a cursory glance at the boats of this shipyard. The dynamic characteristics of the models Fiart is also highly unusual — at speeds of 35-40 knots possible during the day not only cross the Gulf of Naples.

Yacht models


Length 10.40 m1 Cabin10 Passengers
Length 10.89 m2 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 11.87 m2 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 12.68 m3 Cabins7 Passengers
Length 13.86 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
Length 13.86 m3 Cabins14 Passengers
Length 15.00 m4 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 15.45 m3 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 17.00 m3 Cabins16 Passengers
Length 17.90 m3 Cabins16 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 10.17 m2 Cabins8 Passengers2004 - 2008
Length 12.68 m3 Cabins2006 - 2008

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