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a Closer look at the Norwegian shipyard Goldfish Boat, you begin to wonder why her speed boat generally available to the public. The possibility of installing large-caliber machine guns, a special system for airdrop, bulletproof protect the sides and tactical communication need more special agents than ordinary yachtsmen.

Although the main customers Goldfish Boat are the armed forces and intelligence services, the Builder still pays attention to mere mortals and produces civil court. Qualitative keeled hull of these boats, whether it is a 30-foot RIB-tender or the outdoor 50-foot cruiser, certainly endowed with numerous transverse sponsons, and deck installed sport seats from an ingenious shock absorption. br>
Possessing an impeccable reputation in the professional sector, the company applies the same innovative technologies and high quality materials in the civilian fleet, which directly affects the value of boats. All three "walking" models of the shipyard, even with the weakest of the proposed engines develop more than 50 nodes, and the upper speed boundary, for example, P1 Supersport is node 102. br>
Goldfish Boat are convinced that their customers are not looking for "same as all" boat, and strive to obtain the most perfect instrument on the water, and the designers are doing everything they can.

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