7,50 m / 24,61 ft
2,40 m / 7,87 ft
0,70 m / 2,30 ft
0,01 tonne
Cruising speed
45,00 kn
Max speed
60,00 kn
190 liters

In a compact boat Goldfish 23 Tender has embodied the essence of the whole vodnomotornyy sports. Aboard this speed boat firmly there is nothing superfluous, only a powerful outboard motor, firmly attached to the reliability of the light housing with an almost vertical stem, and the austere dashboard. Norwegian Builder Goldfish, famous for its boats, special purpose, managed to perfectly calculate the weight distribution of the 7-metre boat and locate the center console in the place where it provides the best trim and the safety of passengers. Specification allows you to equip the boat with a displacement of 1.15 tons of outboard motor up to 250 HP, but even a 150-horsepower motor is enough to feel a real adrenaline anesthetic. Thanks to the two lateral sponsons and high deadrise of the hull at the transom (22°), this fiberglass boat is excellent for driving in aggressive turns, the minimum radius of which is determined only by the cavitation on the propeller blades and endurance of the passengers. Goldfish 23 Tender and looks equally appropriate as a high-speed taxi at the pier of a country cottage, and the garage superyacht ocean-Explorer.

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  • 2017
  • Length 7.50 m
  • Beam 2.40 m
  • Draft 0.70 m
$ 66 825
00:38 19.06.2021
  • 2018
  • Length 7.50 m
  • Beam 2.40 m
  • Draft 0.70 m
$ 68 971
08:03 08.09.2021
  • 2017
  • Length 7.50 m
  • Beam 2.40 m
  • Draft 0.70 m
$ 78 520
14:36 08.06.2021
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