Hylas yachts

Hylas yachts

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Elegant sailboats Hylas Yachts have come a long way from Charter boats to a worthy opponent of the elite of the sailing fleet, while maintaining a pleasant pricing.


the Prehistory of Hylas Yachts began in the late 70s to Taiwan. the Joseph Huang (Joseph Huang) has opened a shipbuilding Yard, Queen Long and successfully built sailing yachts, mainly for charters. One of his first hits was the Stevens model 47. The project was developed by the oldest yacht office Sparkman &Stephens. The first boat carried the names of customers, actively buying up yachts for Charter. It happened with Stevens 47 — when bill Stevens (Bill Stevens), owner of Stevens Yacht Charters heard about the design 47-foot boats from S&S, he immediately ordered a couple of buildings and put my name on them.

In 1984, Mr. Huang ordered naval architect Herman free (>German Frers) >design of the two yachts Hylas 42 Hylas 44. To these two models, it adds the popular Stevens 47 and starts to release the trio under the brand name of Hylas. The name comes from Greek mythology, gilas is the companion of Hercules in the Argonauts.

"This courageous young man symbolizes our beautiful yacht", reads the slogan on the first brochure of the new brand Hylas Yachts.

for a Long time yachts Hylas actively supplemented Charter fleets, especially on the Caribbean, where the shipyard had a close relationship with Caribbean Yachts Charters. Although even then among their admirers were experienced sailors, who acknowledged that Hylas yachts worthy of more attention. Finally, in 2000, year Builder breaks all relationships with Charter companies.

a New milestone in the life of the shipyard began in 2018, when Hylas Yachts, forty years producing sailboats, introduced their first motor yacht Hylas M44.


All Hylas yachts, sailing and motor now, since the creation of the brand and to this day are made on the shore of the Taiwan Strait in the Queen Long Marine yard, equipped for all stages of shipbuilding. The company employs about 80 people. The total area of the administrative building complex — almost 11 000 sq. m. Local landmark — a test tank with a depth of 3 m, in which we live ornamental carps.


Typical Hylas is a reliable cruising yacht with ample >Central cockpit, teak interior, large aft cabins and a strong body. The boatyard sailing yachts ranging from 46 to 70 feet, designed for offshore sailing in comfort. An important quality — control. Easy controls allows you to handle a yacht with minimal use of force.


Almost the entire range of Hylas Yachts designed by renowned Argentine germán Frers. The shipyard loyal to their heritage. Yachts grow in length and keep pace with the times in terms of materials, production technologies and electronic "stuffing", but in modern models of the shipyard refuses free successful solutions of the past decades.

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