14,10 m / 46,26 ft
4,20 m / 13,78 ft
1,60 m / 5,25 ft
12,60 tonne
378 liters
Fresh water
757 liters

Model Hylas 46 designed by the famous designer Herrmann ferrom a-senior — this name suggests that it is worth paying special attention. The boat is constructed to the highest standards for long-distance ocean voyages: for example, it is equipped with two watertight bulkheads in bow and stern. The yacht has a very large for its size the volume for storage and supplies and extremely reliable electrical equipment and installation which Hylas 46 was awarded a special prize. In addition, experts note the very great convenience of access to all systems — from the engine to the water — for repair or prevention, which is certainly very important for lovers of long journeys.

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