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  • Maastricht, Brouwersstraat 17, NL-6051 AA Linssen Yachts B. V.

You is a family man and supporter of home comfort, with no experience in sailing? Suddenly heard the call of the sea and decided to become a sailor? Then you should pay attention to Dutch Verf Linssen Yachts. Family Linssen for over three generations, produces motor yachts from 9 to 15 meters — reliable, comfortable and easy to manage.

"Yet not all countries require a license for management of a cruise motor yacht. You have little or no experience of walking on the boat? You are not feeling confident to drive? Many customers felt the same until I realized how easy it is to walk and maneuver on the Linssen" — convinces-owned shipyard website

In the residential area Linssen novice yachtsman waiting for a feather bed, hot shower and fully equipped kitchen. Pleasure is, of course, not cheap — from $250 thousand to $1.3 million But as a consolation, it can be noted that Linssen low operating cost and high resale. Suddenly you ever get tired of the role of sea wolf or, conversely, entering into the taste, you'll want something more powerful.

Yacht models


Length 12.85 m3 Cabins8 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 9.35 m2 Cabins6 Passengers2010 - 2014
Length 9.35 m12 Passengers2013 - 2014
Length 9.40 m10 Passengers2013 - 2013
Length 10.70 m2 Cabins1990 - 2014
Length 11.10 m12 Passengers2011 - 2012
Length 11.10 m12 Passengers2011 - 2012
Length 12.85 m2 Cabins2013 - 2015
Length 12.85 m12 Passengers2013 - 2015
Length 13.90 m12 Passengers2012 - 2013
Length 13.90 m12 Passengers2012 - 2013
Length 14.98 m12 Passengers2014 - 2015

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