10,70 m / 35,10 ft
3,40 m / 11,15 ft
1,00 m / 3,28 ft
8,50 tonne
240 liters
Fresh water
220 liters

Grand Sturdy 34.9 Sedan in the impressive lineup of the shipyard Linssen is the absolute bestseller "the ninth" series. There are not so many of 10.5-metre yacht with the reliability of a serious displacement vessel. Linssen Grand Sturdy 34.9 Sedan was created for a couple living in a rather harsh climate and can not imagine a weekend without camping. Sheltered from the weather control room, and behind him, and a living room with kitchen will allow you not to deprive yourself of favorite Hobbies, even a small wave or rain. In the bow of the lower deck planned cabin with double bed and a bathroom.

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  • 2010
  • Length 10.70 m
  • Beam 3.40 m
  • Draft 1.00 m
$ 1 604
per week
01:18 09.10.2021
  • Length 10.70 m
  • Beam 3.40 m
  • Draft 1.00 m
$ 216
per day
04:34 01.11.2021
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