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In 1982, six of the "tapped" water-skiing friends think of serious business: "But what if yourself to begin to build a specialized boat-towing?" The idea was unanimously approved of it or not realize. The registration of new companies and the notion of the name of the future boat took on Robert Alkem — the future Director and, as it turned out, the "eternal engine" Malibu. For the year, huddling in a small shop back room, with only one matrix, energetic boys vykleili more than a hundred buildings. Worked overtime as unusual, unseen until the boats were in great demand. The company is developing rapidly: in 1984, making a week for 7-8 boats, Malibu repays the loan; in 1989, runs a second plant (in Tennessee); the 1990 Australian Flightcraft buys; in 1994 — a third plant (also in Australia)... For each discipline - wakeboarding, monoskis, slalom, jumping, etc. — have a Malibu boat towing. This specialization and the purpose of the company. On that it works and still — despite the crises and slowdowns.

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